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By Jennifer

There are many types of plants along the Bow River. There are trees, including poplar trees, willows and pine. There are wild flowers such as dogwood. Alder shrubs and various grasses also grow along the Bow River.

Trees have an important job. The big trees help stabilize the stream banks by staying on the dirt so it won’t go into the river. When the trees die they provide fish habitat. Trees provide food and shelter to the many animals that live along the river. The big trees and shrubs provide shade. Birds have nests in the trees and squirrels have homes there.

There are many things that threaten the plants. Human activities such as motorbikes, bikes and quads can threaten the plants by going through and along the river. People cut down trees for houses and firewood. It is harmful when people walk off the path because they can push the banks into the river. People also step on plants and that is not good because then there won’t be any more vegetation.

There are animals that can threaten the river. Cattle trampling along the riverbanks to get a drink from the river destroy plant life. When plants are damaged it allows animal wasted and eroded soil to run off into the water. People ride horses and the horses do the same thing as the cattle by trampling in the river.