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By Amara, Chanelle and Johanna

A watershed is a high ridge that divides two area of land. This region has water draining into it and contributing to a larger body of water. You will find a variety of manmade and natural things in this area. Some of the natural things are animals, plants and people. Some of the manmade things are buildings, golf courses, cars and roads. There are other names for watershed. One of these names is drainage basin: the other name is catchment area.

A watershed is made up of many water sources. There are many rivers of different sizes that connect to the Bow River. A few popular ones are the Ferrie River, Ghost River, and Elbow River. There are many glaciers found in the Bow River watershed. Lakes sometimes connect with rivers. For example, Lake Louise drains east into the Bow.

In the Bow River watershed there are many golf courses. In Banff there are 4 golf courses: Mountain Sun Golf course; Banff Springs Golf Course - Stanley Thompson 18; Banff Springs Golf Course - Tunnel 9 and Greywolf Golf Course. In Canmore there are 3 golf courses: Canmore Golf and Curling Club; Silver Tip Golf Course and Stewart Creek Golf Course. In Kananaskis there are 3 golf courses: Kananaskis Country Golf, Kananaskis Country - Mount Kidd and Kananaskis Country - Mount Lourette.

There are some serious threats to the Bow River watershed. People who live in the Bow River watershed can affect the environment by polluting it. One kind of pollution we can create is by building factories by the river, so chemicals go into the water. Farmers, ranchers, and golf courses can affect the environment by the fertilizer they use. The fertilizer gets washed into the river by rain or soaks into the ground and becomes part of the rainwater. When the fertilizer goes into the Bow River, the plants in the river start to grow. The plants in the water start become abundant and eventually take the oxygen and suffocate the fish. Manure from cows on ranches can affect the water in much the same way. In towns some simple things can harm the watershed such as oil, sewage and garbage. Also, when people wash their cars, the soap that they use runs into storm drains and spills into the Bow River.