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By Ali, Brandon D., Dylan TJ

A wetland is and area of land that is saturated with water for all or part of the year. These are special and important regions for a couple of reasons. First wetlands help to prevent flood by acting as a sponge if it rains too much. Second, wetlands naturally purify water by sucking up all the bad things in the water. They also provide a habitat to many different wildlife species.

There are many different insects and animals found in the wetlands. Depending on where in the world the wetland is, different animals and insects live in it. Some examples of insects you will find are dragonflies, water striders and bubble spiders. Examples of animals you will find are moose and deer. Birds are attracted to wetlands. There are 61 species of birds, such as ducks, Canadian geese, mallards, and common merganser.

There are many wetlands found in Calgary. There are 8000 wetlands in Calgary and are all different sizes; they can be the size of a room, or a house or even larger. These wetlands are scattered at the fringe of the city in areas not yet developed, mostly in the north and southeast. An example of a wetland within Calgary is the Weaslehead.

Wetlands can be formed either by nature or by humans. If wetlands are made by nature then it takes at least 10 years to develop. If humans make a wetland it takes at least 2 years to develop. It takes longer to make a wetland by nature because we cannot control the rain. You can make a wetland in your backyard by digging a hole. Add water and start growing plants (not many flowers). Overtime insects and animals will come and start living in your man made wetlands.

Wetlands are in danger of disappearing and. Calgary is getting big so they are digging up and building on wetland areas. A lot of Canada’s original wetlands have been lost in some areas of the country. Wetlands help the environment by purifying the water naturally. If we aren’t taking care of them then we won’t have a moist environment. Wildlife would become endangered.

Our wetlands need to be protected and people need be concerned. We need to provide a buffer zone (150 feet) for wetland. We can do this by making a path for humans to walk 150 feet away and signs to make humans aware. This will prevent damage to the wetlands. The city of Calgary has developed the wetland conservation plan. Wetlands are protected area in City of Calgary. Ducks Unlimited Canada is an organization that helps wetlands. People need to keep wetlands clean and talk about it and learn about it.