Alberta Landscape Watercolours

Chester Lees spent a day working with the Grade Four students teaching us the techniques of watercolour painting. We each did two Alberta Landscape paintings - a mountain scene and a prairie scene.

Mountain Landscapes

Saxon B.

Logan S.

Josh F.

Julia B.

Chester demonstrating watercolour technique and the importance of letting the watercolour paper help you do the work.

Christine K. creating the foreground of her painting.

Kieran H. in deep artistic concentration.

Chelsea G. following Chester's suggestion that to be an artist one must be focussed entirely on his/her work.

Prairie Landscapes

Justin L.

Kieran H.

Richard G.

Bronson B.

Lindsay G.


Bailey C. practicing proper sky technique, using a paper towel to create texture.

Bendi Z. putting the finishing touches and detail on his prairie painting.

Johanna W. using careful colour combinations to create the beautiful prairie landscape.

Josh F. and Alex F. listening to suggestions to enhance their paintings.

Chester Lees is a professional artist that came in and taught us how to do watercolour paintings. Our paintings were about Alberta’s Plains and the Rocky Mountains. Chester Lees taught us to do neat clouds. First, you put the paint on the paper and then you dab the paper with a paper towel until it looks good to you. We put purple, blue and green paint on the watercolour paper. These colours made it look like the real sky. She taught us to dip the paint brush in the water and brush the water all over the page. She told us the paint will only go where the water is….we didn’t believe her at first but we found out she was telling the truth! To make trees and long grass, she just said to put a little bit of green on and then just gently flick your paint brush. Everyone was really impressed with the paintings that they made and many parents are going to frame and display them in their homes.

By Christine K., 4B



Copyright © 2006 J. Grimm, N. Klinger and L. Ranta

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