Native Myth Storytelling

Jeff Stockton came into our classes and told us stories about Native Myths. They spoke of respecting nature, using medicinal plants, bravery, importance of family and community.

Jeff Stockton is a professional storyteller that has a way that magically draws students into his creative mind, using voice, music and dramatic actions.

Chelsea G.'s depiction of the Hunter Maiden staying safe in the cave while the Cannibal Demon tries to break in.

Taesagh M.'s rendition of the Water Serpant who was poisoning the Aboriginal's water.

Mr. Stockton using actions to add drama to enhance the story and further engage the students.

Jeff Stockton uses his harp to add to his stories.

Brittany K.'s drawing of the Thunder Gods saving the Hunter Maiden.

Students eagerly await Mr. Stockton's next word.

Students using action to help show, instead of just tell, their stories

Aabia A., Chelsea G. and Richard G. displaying how enthralling Mr. Stockton's stories are

Laura M.s picture of the Waterfall Spirit.

Josh F. sharing a story, using action to enhance the drama.

Alana G.'s Water Serpant that was menacing the Aboriginal Village.

Roald V.'s depiction of the Cannibal Demon.

Blake N. sharing a story with the class.

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