What mark do we leave?

After looking at the mark a river-flood leaves (see The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup), we ask the question "What mark do we leave?" This leads into the area of Human Rights and more specifically The Rights of Children.

We want students to begin to realize the difference they can make in the world, by concentrating on young activists such as Craig Keilberger (Free the Children) and Ryan Hreljac (Ryan’s Well), among others. We want students to understand that children are capable of change by making a difference locally and globally. As Ghandi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world." We are also planning on talking about how one’s mark can either be famous or infamous.

Water is a constant thread that we weave through our inquiry. Not having access to clean water is a major contributing factor to poverty everywhere in the world. We will examine the effects humans have on the environment and how we can do our part to be good global citizens.

The Grade Four classes created a documentary called, 'What mark do we leave?' We worked with a variety of videography experts that helped us to understand the purpose of documentaries and how to make them authentic and powerful. We are very proud of the work we have done and we look forward to sharing it with a variety of people.

The Glendale Community raised money for water filters to be given to families in the Dominican Republic. Rick Castiglione offered to take this money directly to the Dominican, while working on a training video for the "Add Your Light Foundation". Upon his return, we received a video clip from him, showing us how grateful one of the families were to have daily access to clean water for the first time.

Documentary Video


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