Ten Thousand Villages

When the Grade 4s were learning about Child Labour and Fair Trade we invited Lori Purdy in from Ten Thousand Villages. She came and talked with us about what Fair Trade means and where someone can buy Fair Trade products. She brought in some examples of items that can be purchased at Ten Thousand Villages such as muscial instruments, chocolates, blankets, baskets and many other very interesting items made through fair trade.



Oberon, a great horned owl, was brought in from the Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in North Calgary. He is an owl that was injured and is now used for education and to bring awareness to the Rehab Centre. The volunteer that did the presentation brought in owl pellets for the students to look through to discover the bones, fur and other remains of animals eaten by owls. The students enjoyed looking at the owl pellets very much.


Rick Castiglione

Rick Castiglione, a local Calgary television reporter and human rights documentarian visited Glendale in January 2006. We were very excited to have him visit as he has travelled all around the world and seen many different human rights issues firsthand. He talked about his work and showed us some of the documentaries that he has done about differnt topics including 'Operation Eyesight' eye care, water wells and filtration systems and children abandoned because they have lost their parents to H.I.V. and A.I.D.S. in Africa.

Mr. Castiglione is currently working with Add Your Light, a local organization that is helping people in the Dominican Republic have access to clean water in their homes. Our school raised $525 to help about 10 families have BioSand Water Filtration Systems in their homes.

In mid-March we received an email from Mr.Castiglione:


Out of Africa

"Mulishani" (Good morning) On Friday, March 17th Mrs. Day and Mrs. Kerstma, two of our grade 3 parents came to tell us about the work they did in Zambia, Africa in January. They worked at an orphanage teaching, nursing and caring for the children.

Mrs Day put together a wonderful PowerPoint of the land, homes, animals and children in Zambia. As we watched the Powerpoint presentation we were able to see how "the rights of children" there would be neglected without the love and care of others from around the world.

We also learned how to shake hands Zambian style, speak some of the language, dress and dance as they do in Zambia.

Where is Zambia? Watching the PowerPoint Dressup and drumming
  Drums with hideskin heads  
A chitenga on the head to place the water container. Ebony wood statues Dancing to African music


Clothing and Jewelry from India

We were fortunate to have Mrs. Al Adani come to show us her beautiful gold beaded wedding dress and an embroidered silk sari and jewelry. The girls had a wonderful time being dressed up and we all enjoyed asking questions and seeing the jewelry. She told us that the wedding dress was all hand beaded and that it probably took about a month for someone to make it. If a thread breaks, all the beads would fall off!

Preparing for the wedding A child's clothing in India
The wedding dress Jewelry for the wedding
Ready to be married. Wedding dress and silk sari



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