Hola.... Buenos Dias!
I have returned from the Dominican Republic and brought a little videotape
back with me.
I spent most of my time filming a "training video", in Spanish, on how to
install and maintain the Bio-Sand Water Filter. This video is going to be
used by Dr Tollefson to educate "facilitators" on how to keep the filters
working, after she has left the DR.

As it happens, we needed a new filter to be used for the video, so we used
one that was purchased by your students. As the "centre-piece" of the
video, it will be used to educate hundreds of people about how the filters
should be used. After we were finished filming, the filter was loaded on a
truck and taken to an orphanage that Jan has worked at, near the capital ,
Santiago. It has been donated to them on your students behalf. I was
unable to go to the orphanage...but I asked Jan T to take pictures for you.

In Dajabon (right along the Haitian border) I videotaped another one of
your filters that had just been put into a little home in a poor area of
this border town. The family lives in a rough-wood, two room house with a
tin roof. Their water is trucked from a river and put in plastic barrels,
untreated. The parents are ill (HIV) but their daughters don't know yet.
The youngest daughter was just getting ready for school when I arrived so I
shot some video of her and the filter (which is still being set-up for use).
I left one of the pictures of your class with the family. The little girl
" Gabriella" - 7 years old - blew a kiss at the camera, for your students.
I also gave her the water bottle that you gave to me so that she would be
able to take filtered water to school with her every day.

The videotape needs a little editing before I can bring it to the school (it
might take a couple of weeks). Jan has agreed to come with me.

I'll keep you posted.

Rick Castiglione

Copyright © 2006 J. Grimm, N. Klinger and L. Ranta

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