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How we began...

We started the school year off involved in the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-up. We were assigned to Griffith Woods. Students wondered if there was a Mr. Griffith? Who was he and why did he have a park named after him? Knowing that students needed to know the geography of this great province (the grade 4’s) and country (the grade 5’s) we thought – aha, we’ll ask them “What’s In A Name?” We’ll have them travel our country looking up the stories behind the place names of rivers, towns, cities and provinces.

The Inquiry takes off...

Unbeknownst to us, an inquiry that we thought might last only a few weeks still lives in our classroom. The questions and interests of all of us, students and teachers alike, led us to dive into the power and significance of names. The following web pages will take you through our journey.

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