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Parent Testimonials

Parents were asked if there were moments of sharing or conversations that they had with their child about the documentary...

This work is amazing. On all levels, the accomplishments of the students – performers, editors and technical – and on the teachers, as above, is outstanding. It took great courage to tackle this topic. An unspoken ‘truth’ has been exposed as what it is – marketing. The children experienced their own strengths as well as the strengths of their peers. My daughter’s awareness is evident EVERY time we go shopping. She is not necessarily not buying a ‘label’, but she is aware of their part in the process.


We were very impressed with this project and enjoyed seeing the spirit and creativity everyone brought to it. From our perspective, we were excited to see something that really engaged our son. Usually, we get limited, unsolicited information about what goes on at school. When he was doing the sound editing, he would tell us all about it without being prompted. That alone says he was engaged and excited by this documentary. Thank you for helping him find some joy in it!


The documentary 'What's In A Name?' was proudly shown to our extended family during the holidays. Our daughter was so proud of what she and her peers had created and spoke extensively about the whole project. We thought it was a great topic which is very real in our lives. How do the kids keep upto all the demands in the fashion world? And, as you very well showed, is it really worth it?


Yes, my daughter was proud of this documentary. The experience of having taken part in this will be remembered for years to come. She enjoyed her job as director. I myself, was very impressed with the documentary in whole.


My husband and I thought that the documentary was very well planned and hopefully some children learned that Brand Names in clothing isn't what the child inside the clothes is all about.


I was very impressed by the different ways the kids compared the various brands. The interviewing was done in a very professional manner. Overall, the kids did an awesome job and the end result speaks for itself.


My child enjoyed telling us about the various parts of the documentary as we watched it. I think that the production has colored his perception of things. Most recently he decided he wanted cheaper, plainer, less flashy running shoes. He will remember it for a while.


I am so impressed by the documentary and the discussions it brought out around the dinner table.






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