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In the spirit of 'What's In a Name?', Jeff Stockton shared the tale of 'Swift Runner' with us. Swift Runner is the tale of a young boy who was given this name not in pride, but rather in jest. He was anything but what the name 'Swift Runner' stood for. Throughout the fascinating story however, the young boy proves everyone wrong and saves his tribe, ultimately living up to his name.


Dark scruffy hair surrounds his body. Sharp white teeth ready to dig into some poor creature's flesh. Deep gouges dig into his body. Missing hair has stories about how it parted his presence. Sharp claws ready to leave a scar on something of his choice. Green goop runs from his half shut eye, perhaps in pain, but we do not know.


The trees fall because the monster bear is huge. He lets his paws drag to make claw marks on the ground. As the huge shadow approaches me, my blaze of fire gets dimmer, then goes out. My dog barks like crazy as I wonder what's coming my way.


The ugly brown beast stands against the coal mountain as it shows off its fearful dignity. The deep red blood drips from the beasts stainded fangs. Its one swollen eye pops out as big as a basketball, while the other is shut closed with gunk. The beast's yellow stained teeth stick out with traces of bone and meat from a human body. The green goo makes the beast's fur crispy and unbearably gross.


The Village

The scent of evergreens fills my nostrils.
The wolves howl as the sun wakes up.
The sun shines as bright as a yellow daffodil.
The morning dew is still wet as Swift Runner leaves the village.
The grass and trees sway in the light breeze.
The path looks like it goes on forever.
Swift Runner couldn’t even see the end.



Sun beating down on the monster.
Hard for Swift Runner to hold the arrow.
He's been holding it forever.






Copyright 2006 - Lisa Temrick & Karen Fischer

Glendale Elementary