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Name Droppers

Mrs. Wendy Pearce from the Friends of Geographical Names of Alberta Society came in a shared with us many of Alberta's interesting place name stories.

Did you know...Ma-Me-O Beach, a summer village on Pigeon Lake takes its name from the Cree word mee-mee-o which means 'place of lots of shore birds.' Did you know...Bragg Creek was named after Albert W. Bragg, the earliest settler in the area who homesteaded here in 1894. Did you know...Red Deer was named by the Scottish settlers that thought the elk in the area were the same color as the red deer of their homeland.




I chose Cairnz because it's my last name. I put hockey pucks in the background because hockey is my favorite sport. I made it look messy because I don't like things neat. The color I like most on my tag is silver. I chose LOL because I like to laugh out loud. I put the word Viper in a basketball hoop because I play for the Vipers. I put a guitar on my piece because I love to play guitar and make music. Sprat is what my parents called me when I was yound. It stood for Jack Sprat. I've always loved cars which is why I have a car in my picture. I've used my old favorite color, green and my current favorite color red on my car. The last color I used was black which is the color I like to wear. This picture represents me a lot.
The reason I picked green and blue because those are my favorite colours. The reason I chose Fink is because my big brother used to call me Finkster. The basketball is a letter because I liking playing basketball. I picked colours that represent me. Green is grass and I like soccer and blue is bor the blue line in hockey. I chose Biz to be my tag because I am busy. I play hockey, snowboard and skateboard and thatis why I am busy. I used all my favorite colours in my tag. That is why Biz represents me. The red R in my tag represents my name Ross. The thorns surrounding the R represents Christianity because it's like the crown of thorns. The black spikes are there because I think graffiti is a dark thing.
Students visited the Art Gallery of Calgary and were introduced to graffiti as an art form. We were asked to consider the artists' message as well as the emotions that the piece evoked. We were asked a series of questions that fostered conversation and varying opinions. What is graffiti? Is graffiti an art form? What points of view are represented in each piece? Is a tag a graffers identity? Do artists try and send a message with their art?

Kido, the graffer, whose work was featured at the Art Gallery of Calgary, visited our classroom to offer his perspective on graffiti. His advice....

"Don't be afraid of something you don't know. Get to know graffiti, the people behind it, the inspiration of it. It's not gonna stop. It makes cities look alive and colourful, not drab and grey and browns. There are great ways to work together."

We experimented with spray paint and collectively created a mural of individual unique tags to represent our class. Students were surprised at how difficult it was to create an image with a spray can. We remembered the intricate details the graffers created at the Art Gallery of Calgary and were impressed all over again.



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