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Glendale School 2015-2016 Classroom Inquiries

Kindergarten- Mrs. Patsula

February 2016 Update

Here is what the kindergarten learners are up to at this time in the school year. There are lots of new adventures that we are exploring now…

Alphabet Creation

We have been doing class activities around creating the alphabet out of anything we can find in the classroom. Students also made numbers for our reference and learning. At this time, both our alphabet and number system is on display regular interaction within our kindergarten day. We use these displays on a regular basis.

Literacy in Kindergarten

The kindergarten children have made special groups for literacy work to support challenges appropriate for their level. All groups are working on reading at their level and are very proud of their progress. Additional activities tackled include making a personal alphabet chart, playing literacy games, writing words, stories and our thoughts and simply expressing ourselves effectively. Literacy is about clearly sharing one’s thoughts and we hope we do just that.

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Grade 1/2- Mrs. Crawley, Ms. Masniuk and Ms. Kornelson

February 2016 Update

“The answer is always in the entire story, not a piece of it.”
 - Jim Harrison

Following the learning we did around stories that have the power to change our perspective, the children began to explore their own personal stories.  They spent time examining the concept of a name and began to notice that names tell very important information about all of us.  The students were tasked with discovering what their name meant, how they got it and why it was chosen for them.  They enjoyed discovering and sharing the interesting stories of their names.  They were also interested in the family histories of their peers.  These elements of personal story have helped students begin to understand that their own stories as well as everyone else’s matter.

Recently, children were introduced to numerous stories that have been around for many years, like, Polar Express, Charlie Brown Christmas and the classic poem, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. We explored why some stories have longevity and what makes them worth telling over and over.  What are some of your favourites?

In keeping with our “Pillars of Care” and representing them through the “7 Teachings” that come from the First Nations communities we recently learned about humility and the importance of being grateful and thinking of others.  This teaching is told through a story of the wolf and how he considers the needs of the pack before his own.  Although the pack has a hierarchy, all members matter and are valued as equals. 

We are currently looking at timelines as a way to help the children understand how things change over time. The children will identify milestones in their own lives and create a personal timeline. 

As we move forward we will examine how stories from the past impact present and future.  Continuing to use the concept of a timeline, students will begin to understand and appreciate how a community emerges. They will learn how the various interactions and cooperation among different groups of people ensures growth and vitality within the community.

Learn more on our Grade 1/2 Community Blog:

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Grade 3/4: Mr. MacDonnell, Mrs. Alefantis, Mrs. Belcher

February 2016 Update

The Grade 3/4 community has been learning about metacognition, the processes that the brain is engaged in while reading.  We have been focusing on five key metacognition strategies: questions, connections, visualizing, inferring, and transforming.  The students have been introduced to all five strategies; however, we have done a significant amount of work around visualizing.  Through teacher modeling and hands-on activities, students have learned about visualizing while listening to passages in the novel, “Out of my Mind” by Sharon Draper .  The Grade 3/4 students had an opportunity to draw sketches, and create art using their own visualizations.   In order to expose the students to a variety of literature, the students looked at poetry from the book, “Winter Poems” by Barbara Rogasky.  They examined their poem for key vocabulary to stimulate their imaginations and help them visualize the winter landscapes described in the poem.   The students started by sketching their visualizations of winter landscapes.  Afterwards, they were taught watercolor painting skills and techniques in order to create their own watercolor paintings.

Learn more on our Grade 3/4 Community Blog!

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Grade 5/6: Mr. McEwen, Mrs. Konsmo, Mrs. Hill

February 2016 Update

The 5/6 Community is trying our hands at becoming Mechanical Technicians! After doing some investigation around where everyday items are made, students discovered that the majority of our food, clothing, electronics, personal items, and toys were made in Canada, the United States, or China. Many students were able to draw conclusions that this may be the case because of population, availability of resources, and the cost involved in making the item itself.

After this research, the community decided that we wanted to see what was actually involved in the making of these items by taking things apart. Our families generously donated many broken and unused electronic devices such as cell phones, blenders, DVD players, cameras, and radios. Students have been sketching and carefully disassembling the items in order to see just how things are put together. The energy and excitement in the air is palpable as we are learning just what is inside a hairdryer!!

Stay tuned to see what we may create with all the parts we have now collected!

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Music: Mrs. Strome

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