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For Parents

Parents play an important role in the education of their children. Their involvement and encouragement can help a child excel.

At Glendale School we encourage parent voice in your child's education. Our strong School Parent Council, numerous volunteering opportunities in the classroom and outstanding community building events provide an opportunity for parents to have an active voice and to play an important role in your child's young life.

Thank you for all you do to support Glendale School!

Information Pages of the Agenda/Student Handbook

Our students use a school agenda to keep organized and as a quick source of useful information. Here are the information pages of the agenda as a single PDF file for easy printing.


Would you like to volunteer at Glendale School? There are many meaningful and enjoyable ways that you can serve in schools. Here are just a few examples:

  • Help with certain tasks in the classroom, the library, or the office
  • Assist with supervision on field trips
  • Coach a school team
  • Serve fun lunches to students
  • Read with students who require extra support
  • Organize special events for students

Learn more about how to volunteer at Glendale School

Attending Glendale School

Glendale School is open to all children who live in the Glendale/Glenmeadows communities. For specific boundaries please consult the School Profile at

Students from many other communities also attend Glendale. Registrations are accepted in January for the following September. The number of out-of- boundary registrations accepted is influenced by enrollment / class size. These are prioritized by date received. Interested families are encouraged to attend a School Information session scheduled January to June as posted on our calendar webpage.

Please visit the school office for further registration information.

Registering for Kindergarten

Kindergarten registration takes place in mid January; the specific date is advertised in the newspaper. The legal guardian(s) need to complete the registration form and leave photocopies of the child's birth certificate and Alberta Health Care number.

Click here to learn more about Kindergarten in the CBE

What's new about the new CBE K-9 Report card?

The Calgary Board of Education (CBE) is currently working on a consistent report card format for students in kindergarten to Grade 9. Schools can choose to implement this new report card format for the 2013-14 school year or for the 2014-15 school year. Schools will make their decision of when to implement this change by the end of September, after they have gathered input from their parents and employees.

A more consistent approach will give parents a better view of student learning across the grades and benefit our system efforts to monitor and respond to student achievement. Though some new content was added to student report cards a couple years ago, it has been several years since the CBE had a newly-designed report card for k-9 students. The time to update and improve upon past practice has come.

  • Read more information about the new CBE K-9 Report Card Strategy
  • Read more about Alberta Education's new direction for reporting through "Inspiring Education"
  • Read more about Glendale School's Report Card strategy for 2013-2014 as we transition to the new report card

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