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Glendale Playground Revitalization Project 2014

Project History

Fact:  Our current Glendale School playground is nearing the end of its life expectancy. While it is being safely maintained by the CBE, they have recommended we consider replacing it within the next few years.

Fact:  We now have a committee in place, made up of Glendale parents, to explore the replacement and revitalization of our school playground area.  This committee reports to the Glendale School Council, and all plans and activities must be approved by them.

Where we are in the process:

1.  We have put together a small committee of parent volunteers (more are always welcome!) and obtained approval from Glendale School Council to explore the options.  We have not spent any money yet.

2.  We have had advice and assistance on how to get started from Parks Foundation Calgary and Calgary Board of Education.

3.  We have surveyed the students and staff to find out what they like! 

Things we have taken into consideration:

  • Safety
  • FUN!
  • Accommodating large numbers of kids
  • Accommodating all ages of kids who attend Glendale
  • The 2 different CBE approved surface options (natural aggregate or pour pad)
  • The current space vs. expanding to larger area or different area
  • Locations of underground utilities (gaslines, etc)
  • Wheel Chair accessibility
  • Visual appeal and community enhancement
  • Naturalization
  • How to ensure Glendale is an attractive option to all prospective new students
  • Cost
  • Fundraising and available grants

4.  We have compiled and discussed all this information and sent out requests for design proposals to 3 different playground equipment companies.  We have asked each of them to provide us with a quote based on a natural aggregate gravel surface and a second quote based on a pour pad smooth surface

5. We are also working on completing a grant application for administration of finances through Parks Foundation Calgary.

What about the old/existing playground? 

Some of the playground can and will be salvaged for use in 3rd world countries where they have installed playgrounds that are no longer used in N. America and are needing parts for repair. Wood cannot be salvaged as it is treated.  The current gravel no longer meets today's strict standards and will need to be removed.

What's Next?

When the design proposals come in, we will present them to the school population for more of your valuable feedback!

How long will all this take?

This is a huge project and a learning process for all of us.  We are counting on a lot of support from a lot of people to get this accomplished.  Having said that, we are hopeful that within 2 years we will have a new playground in place.

How much will it cost?

We will know more once we receive the proposals, but we have learned that other comparable schools have spent in the area of $150,000 to $250,000 for a playground.  There are grants we can apply for to match our fundraising dollars, and in-kind donations and donations of volunteer labour hours are given a dollar value and included in this total.  However, we will likely need to raise between $30,000 - $50,000.

How can you help?

We welcome your help, involvement, donations, and comments! 

We will be looking for corporate donations and fundraising ideas.

Contact the Glendale School, School Council, or any of the Playground Committee members:

Karen Preddy:
Kim Cook:
Dani Yauck:

“Parks Foundation Calgary administers all project finances-a huge support! If you, your family members, your company, or any associations you may be involved with, would like to donate directly to the Glendale School Playground project, click on this link to access the donation form."

A very special thank you to the 2010-11 Grade 6 Students and Parents for their legacy donation to the development of the new playground.

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