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Principal Message: April 2016

Glendale School Michelle SpeightThe 2016-2017 Calgary Board of Education Budget

Last month we had the opportunity to share ongoing updates regarding the upcoming 2016-2017 Calgary Board of Education (CBE) budget at our monthly school council meeting.  Our school council has invited our School Board Trustee, Trina Hurdman to our upcoming School Council meeting on April 18th.  This is excellent venue to ask questions about the upcoming budgeting process for the CBE. Your engagement through the school council is just one of the great ways to be involved in your child’s education and we can’t thank you enough for those of you who are able to join us at these important meetings.

Funds are distributed to CBE schools via a process we call RAM. This stands for Resource Allocation Method and is designed to allocate resources equitably while providing choice in the assignment and deployment of those resources to meet the unique needs of the students within different schools.

I encourage you to have a conversation with me if you are interested in learning more about the RAM and how our school budgets each year. In consultation with staff and parents, it is the principal’s job to develop the budget based on the RAM provided. School councils are encouraged to provide advice throughout this process whenever possible.

We are currently beginning the RAM process and will continue working on the school budget in the coming weeks. The following information is provided to help you understand the overall system budget for the CBE.

Understanding the Budget

Below is a graphic detailing how every dollar of funding from Alberta Education is allocated. While the majority of it goes to schools via the RAM, some of it stays at the system level. It is more efficient and effective to provide other important school services at this level, rather than to duplicate these at individual schools. The RAM doesn’t include all funding that goes to the schools; it is just the amount that each principal is responsible for in order to support the learning experience in his/her school. The CBE makes decisions about the RAM in the interest of the system as a whole.

RAM funding provides principals with the ability to make decisions about assigning resources to meet student needs as articulated in their School Development Plan, the CBE’s Three-Year Education Plan and requirements from Alberta Education. A thoughtful, rational allocation method, coupled with flexibility at the school level for the deployment of resources helps principals meet their accountabilities for students and staff.
Opportunities for Parent Input into This Year’s Budget

The CBE is currently working on finalizing its 2016-17 budget. We’d like your input to help to shape the 2016-17 school year for our staff and students.

The CBE would like to know what budget priorities you think the CBE should focus on for 2016-17, and into the future. These priorities should be shaped by our shared values:

  • students come first
  • learning is our central purpose
  • public education serves the common good

We encourage you to communicate with the CBE via their website at As always, we read each and very comment.

The CBE would appreciate your input on the following questions:

  • In crafting the 2016-17 and future budgets, what should the CBE consider stopping, starting, and continuing in supporting each student's success?
  • What would you suggest as the top priorities for our budget planning as the CBE focuses on 2016-17 and future years?
  • What single change would have the greatest impact on student learning?
  • What are the most important things that the CBE should keep in mind in deciding how to allocate our scarce resources?.

I encourage you to visit the CBE budget 2016-17 website at  for more information and ongoing updates regarding the upcoming budget and to join us at this month’s school council meeting on April 18th. I look forward to your continued engagement.

Michelle Speight
Proud Principal of
Glendale School

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