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Archived April Principal Message

The 2017-2018 Calgary Board of Education Budget

This month we will have an opportunity to discuss the budget for the upcoming school year.  This is excellent venue to ask questions about the upcoming budgeting process for the CBE. Your engagement through the school council is just one of the great ways to be involved in your child’s education and we can’t thank you enough for those of you who are able to join us at these important meetings.

Funds are distributed to CBE schools via a process we call RAM. This stands for Resource Allocation Method and is designed to allocate resources equitably while providing choice in the assignment and deployment of those resources to meet the unique needs of the students within different schools.

I encourage you to have a conversation with me if you are interested in learning more about the RAM and how our school budgets each year. In consultation with staff and parents, it is the principal’s job to develop the budget based on the RAM provided. School councils are encouraged to provide advice throughout this process whenever possible.

At a school level, we will be beginning the RAM process beginning on April 6th and will continue working on the school budget throughout April. The following information is provided on behalf of the CBE to help you understand the overall system budget for the CBE.

Keeping Informed

The CBE receives more than $1 billion every year from the provincial government to educate our students. Our objective is to steward our resources wisely to dedicate the maximum possible resources to optimize learning for students in classrooms.  The CBE is currently working on finalizing its 2017-18 budget.

The 2017-18 provincial budget was presented on March 16. In response, the CBE Board of Trustees issued the statement found at  We receive more than 92 per cent of our funding from the Province.

The Province has again funded us for enrolment growth, to ensure that the approximately 2,000 new students we welcome in our schools next year will be funded. We will continue to maximize the dollars directed to students in classrooms.

We will continue to listen and make decisions based on our values and the needs of our community. Our Budget Assumptions Report will be presented to the Board of Trustees on April 4 and we will then have a better idea of the pressures we face.

For more information on how we fund our schools, please see the Resource Allocation Method for Schools from 2016-2017 found at and our fact sheet, “where does school funding go?” found at

We encourage you to continue to take part in the budget process by visiting our Budget Feedback Form found at and encourage you to share your budget priorities and thoughts with us.

I encourage you to visit the CBE budget 2017-18 website at  for more information and ongoing updates regarding the upcoming budget. I encourage you to join us at this month’s school council meeting on April 24th to share any thoughts or questions you may have about the RAM process. I look forward to your continued engagement.

Michelle Speight
Proud Principal of
Glendale School

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