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Archived Principal Message: March 2015

Glendale School Michelle Speight






Professional learning communities judge their effectiveness on the basis of results. Working together to improve student achievement becomes the routine work of everyone in the school. Every teacher team participates in an ongoing process of identifying the current level of student achievement, establishing a goal to improve the current level, working together to achieve that goal, and providing periodic evidence of progress.”
Richard Dufour

Description: C:\Users\mmspeight\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\MT90Y7SH\20150211_134544_resized.jpgTHE ROLE OF GOAL SETTING IN ASSESSMENT AND REPORTING

Over the last three months, the staff at Glendale School have been working deeply in a professional learning community (PLC) model to support one another to develop and integrate strategies to measure students’ personal development in the context of learning.

In order for students to take increased responsibility for learning, we recognize that they must become more adept at recognizing their strengths, interests and areas for growth. Through the PLC model,  teachers have been working together to create a range of  goal setting strategies and self-reflective tools to utilize with students throughout kindergarten to grade 6.   By working together and by keeping student evidence and work samples at the centre of our conversations, all students have already made tremendous progress in their ability to set learning goals, identify key strategies to achieve their goals, create methods for tracking their goals and systems for continuously reflecting upon the goal setting process.

Emphasizing that reaching one’s personal highest potential is a never-ending process, teachers and students have collaboratively created personal learning goals to be explored, strategized and self-evaluated throughout the year.  By taking personal ownership of their learning goals, students are learning to self-evaluate personal problems and academic challenges by taking personal ownership of the successful accomplishment of these goals.  In additioon, students are ultimately becoming powerful advocates for their learning.  With this improved student confidence, we also anticipate improvement in our students’ ability to embrace frameworks for learning such as inquiry-based learning, which requires students to be independent and autonomous learners. 

At our upcoming student-led conference on  March 19th and 20th,  you will have the opportunity to learn more about the goal setting process through your child’s work. We look forward to sharing this process with you and value your feedback and suggestions.

Most sincerely,
Michelle Speight
Proud Principal of Glendale School

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