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Archived May Principal Message

The 2017-2018 Calgary Board of Education Budget

This month at our Glendale school council meeting, we had the opportunity to share updates regarding the upcoming 2017-2018 school budget.  Your ongoing engagement through the school council is just one of the great ways to be involved in your child’s education and we truly thank those of you who are able to join us at these important meetings.

As we discussed at our meeting, funds are distributed to CBE schools via a process we call RAM. This stands for Resource Allocation Method. The RAM is designed to allocate resources equitably while providing choice in the assignment and deployment of those resources to meet the unique needs of the students within different schools.

I encourage you to have a conversation with me if you are interested in learning more about the RAM and how our school creates operating budgets. In consultation with staff and parents, it is the principal’s job to develop the budget based on the RAM provided. School councils are encouraged to provide advice throughout this process whenever possible.

RAM funding provides principals with the ability to make decisions about assigning resources to meet student needs as articulated in their School Development Plan, the CBE’s Three-Year Education Plan and requirements from Alberta Education. A thoughtful, rational allocation method, coupled with flexibility at the school level for the deployment of resources helps principals meet their accountabilities for students and staff.

2017-2018 Staffing Scenario

Based on the budget allocated to Glendale School next year, we are staffing our school in the following way for the 2017-2018 school year.  Please note that precise classroom configurations and allocation of teaching staff will be determined toward the end of June.  All staffing decisions are subject to change pending final enrolment at the end of September 2017.

  • 10.2 Teachers (including music program)
  • 1 Principal
  • 1 Assistant Principal/Resource Teacher
  • 1 (20 hour/week) educational assistant position
  • 1 (15 hour/week) library assistant
  • 1 administrative secretary
  • 4 (10 hour/week) lunchroom supervisors

April 2017 Staffing Updates

At our school council meeting this month we shared the news that our music teacher, Mrs. Strome has decided to take a Professional Improvement Fellowship for the next school year in order to finish her Master's degree.  This is very exciting news for Mrs. Strome but will be difficult news for our students who have benefited so greatly from Mrs. Strome's daily work at Glendale School.   Thank you in advance for taking the time to speak to your child to let them know that Mrs. Strome will be leaving Glendale School at the end of the school year.  Your ongoing support is truly appreciated.
The “open posting” process for teacher staffing will begin in mid-may.  This staffing process also allows all CBE teachers to apply for positions in various schools around the city.  Should teachers apply for and be successful for positions we will do our best to provide families with an updated staffing update.
At the core of our decision making for the 2017-2018 are the Calgary Board of Education values.  We believe that:

  • Students come first
  • Learning is our central purpose and
  • That pubic education serves the common good

While we are beginning our school year with fewer resources, we believe strongly in these values and know that together with your support we will continue to be able to offer a quality learning environment for each of our learners. As we discussed at our school council meeting, we strive to offer smaller class sizes when possible, support for individual students and opportunities for all learners to experience quality music and language experiences in their learning.  We are also committed to sharing these decisions with our school community on an ongoing basis.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.

Michelle Speight
Proud Principal of
Glendale School

Archived Principal Messages