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Archived Principal Message

Principal Message: November 2015

Glendale School Michelle Speight“Whole school planning is about developing that coherence where there is a common understanding about what literacy teaching is and what role all teachers play in teaching literacy.”
~Christopher Witt


School Development Planning
Each year, with input from with internal and external stakeholders, the schools, the system and service units in the Calgary Board of Education prepare Development Plans. Each document sets out the actions a school will take to improve learner outcomes. School Development Plans can include specific actions by which they will work towards their instructional and achievement goals and specific measures they will use to measure their success in reaching their achievement goal. This plan is worked on collaboratively as a staff and is informed by and shared with the families of Glendale School through our newsletters, ongoing discussions with families and at school council meetings.

Over the last two months, staff have been working diligently through the School Development process as illustrated above.  This has included looking carefully at a range of 2014-2015 school-based student learning data (Provincial Achievement Test data, reading scores, report card data, Tell them from me Survey information, Accountability Surveys) and then identifying key gaps in our students’ learning.  Through this process, staff identified that there is a need to use purposeful, differentiated and intentional literacy practices to improve our students’ reading and comprehension skills at Glendale School.

This year, teachers will work together to align this work to our ongoing professional learning.  Together, teachers will support one another through a job-embedded learning model and will utilize research-based literacy practices to improve task design and assessment strategies to support the improvement of our students’ reading.  Students will benefit by learning a range of reading and comprehension strategies that will support their academic success throughout the curriculum.

The Glendale School School Development Plan

Theory of Action:  Through the use of purposeful, differentiated and intentional literacy practices (focused on reading skills and comprehension) students will demonstrate an improvement in intellectual engagement in learning thereby resulting in an improvement in our students’ overall academic success.

Instructional Action:
Teachers will build professional capital to advance learning guided by research-based literacy practices (task design, assessment, goal setting, ongoing feedback) to engage students intellectually in the learning process, thereby impacting their overall academic success.

Achievement Action:
Through the development of literacy strategies (reading skills and comprehension) students will demonstrate improved intellectual engagement in the learning process, thereby impacting their overall academic success.

Our School Development Plan is deeply aligned with the system outcomes identified in the Calgary Board of Education’s Three Year Education plan ( ) and our desire to improve intellectual engagement as a system in order to improve our students’ academic achievement.  We sincerely look forward to sharing and discussing our School Development Plan and some of the data that has informed this work at our upcoming School Council meeting on November 16, 2015th (6:45 p.m.) in the school’s learning Commons.  All families are invited to attend and babysitting is available.

Thank you as always for your continued support,

Michelle Speight
Proud Principal of
Glendale School

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