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Archived Principal Message

Principal Message: October 2015

Glendale School Michelle SpeightThe Relationship Between Nutrition and Learning: Developing a Healthy School Policy

Throughout the last ten years, there has been significant research conducted examining the relationship between nutrition and educational success in children.   Much of the research indicates that children with nutritional deficiencies experience difficulties with cognitive abilities. Moreover, Sorhaindo and Feinstein (2006) note that “Nutrition, particularly in the short-term, is believed to impact upon individual behaviour, (e.g. concentration, activity levels). These behaviours have the potential to affect school performance and interaction with peers, and to compromise self-esteem behaviour and personality changes.” It is also noted that maintaining adequate levels of glucose throughout the day contributes to optimizing cognition.Glendale School: Comprehensive Health

At the Calgary Board of Education we believe wholeheartedly that students come first and that as an organization, learning is our central purpose.  We believe that learning empowers all students to achieve their potential and in order to ensure that students have a readiness for learning we believe that adequate nutrition is paramount.

This important discussion is one that we do not take lightly at Glendale School.  Through discussions with families, students and staff it is becoming increasingly evident that some of our students are not receiving the adequate nutrition to ensure that they have every opportunity to reach their personal and academic potential.

Schools address nutrition in a variety of ways. This includes addressing healthy eating through teaching and learning in the classroom, by creating a social and physical environment that values nutrition, through creating various partnerships and by accessing a variety of services and by creating a healthy school policy. 

As a school we seek to set proactive, sustainable goals that impact students in all areas of physical activity, positive social behaviours and healthy eating. As we begin to examine what it means to create a “healthy school policy,”

Sometimes we find that some of our students have not eaten breakfast, do not have a lunch or have brought a lunch that is not enough for them to sustain the energy to learn throughout the rest of the day. In order to provide some students with food in these situations, we are proud to have partnered with Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids (BB4CK).  Through their generous support we are able to provide our school with the resources to purchase and supply the healthy and nutritious food we require at throughout the day.

Parents play an integral part in our children’s nutrition; both at home and at school. This approach is in no way designed to replace the nutritious lunches you are providing however we hope that it will help students who may have forgotten to eat before coming to school,  or those who have forgotten their lunch or need a little “healthy top up” to their existing lunch or breakfast.

Our children will reap the benefits from your support at home and from the support of sponsors in our community.

Thank you as always for your continued support,

Michelle Speight
Proud Principal of
Glendale School

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