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Archived October 2017 Principal Message

“If schools are to be their most effective as measured by academic achievement and excellence, then the connections of schools to families must be addressed. However, increasing parent (or family) participation in schools, like achieving excellence, is neither easy nor guaranteed.”
~Mawjee, F., & Grieshop, J.. (2002).


This month we would like celebrate the important role that parents play in children’s lives and education.  At Glendale School, we believe strongly that the support of all parties is a shared responsibility that includes the voice of students, teachers and parents.  These stakeholders come together synchronously to support the work of schools in order to extend learning opportunities for students in classrooms and beyond the school.  We are always looking for new opportunities for the creative synergy between our parents and the school!

Parental involvement in schools can take many forms.  At Glendale School this includes having parents organizing and managing special events and fundraisers as well as supporting classrooms by volunteering on field trips and in classrooms.  An outstanding example of the incredible parent support at Glendale School is the work that parents do each year to organize the Casinos which have the potential to raise over $60,000 for the learning opportunities at Glendale School.

We are very fortunate to have many parents who continue to volunteer countless hours to support the school through our school council and society.  On behalf of all of the students and staff at Glendale School, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support.

As well as volunteering, the greatest contributions parents can make is simply by ensuring that they are visible and seek to have voice in their child’s schooling experience. In fact, “Parent involvement in education has been associated with a variety of positive academic outcomes” (Andersen and Dempsey 2007). 

Our recent “Meet the Teacher” conferences are examples of important venues that provide parents with opportunities for input and involvement in their child’s learning. We stress that if you have not met with your child’s teacher that this is one of the most important things you can do to support your child’s success. You can still arrange to meet with the teacher by phoning the school and arranging a face to face meeting if you have not done so already. 

Parents, as “first teachers” bring priceless inside knowledge regarding the child and their history in school, home life, and previous successes in learning.  We honour and support the fact that parents continue to be advocates for their child’s specific needs supporting the child to feel safe and take risks with their learning to support further development.

When asked about the importance of parental involvement, grade 5/6 students at Glendale had the following responses:

“If we didn’t have parent volunteers then we wouldn’t have special lunches, field trips or really any special activities.  Parents make it possible.” 
~Angelica, Grade 5

“ If we didn’t have parent volunteers it would minimize a lot of our learning.  Like, last year we had so many parents help us with our art project.  They help with the drill and did things that teachers couldn’t do on their own.  We really needed their help.  They help with field trips and a lot special lunches too.  School would not be the same without them.  Thank you for making all of these things possible.”
~Liam, Grade 5

Parents, we sincerely honour the role that you each play in your child’s learning.  Not only do the voices of students express how important your role is, but I can state without doubt, that as teachers we could not support your children without you.

On behalf of Glendale School, thank you for all you do! 

Michelle Dozak

Proud Principal of
Glendale School



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