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Archived Principal Message

Principal Message: September 2015

Welcome Back for Another Wonderful Year at Glendale School!

It is with a great sense of excitement that the new school year has begun at Glendale School!  Our administrative secretary, Mrs. Norris has been instrumental in making sure the school start-up was smooth.  All of the staff at Glendale School can’t thank her enough for all she does. 

We are so fortunate to have had the opportunity to welcome Mr. Fraser to Glendale School.  Mr. Fraser has been working with us temporarily as our facility operator and has done an exemplary job of making the school look its best. He has polished the floors and cleaned classrooms.  His efforts have played an integral role in creating the necessary environmental readiness as we embark into the new school year. 

In addition, I wish to thank all of the incredible staff at Glendale School for working so hard to get their classrooms ready and for taking important first steps in planning for the children of Glendale School this year.  Our new assistant principal, Ms. Jenik and I are so fortunate to work amongst such talented educators.

Lastly, this year’s “Muffin Mixer” was a wonderful reminder of how truly lucky we are to be amongst such supportive, caring and passionate parents.  It was indeed wonderful to reconnect with so many of you and to meet so many new families and students.  Each of you contributes so much to the Glendale School family and we thank you for all you do to support the work that we do together.  A special thank you to the school council for starting our school year off with such a thoughtful community-building event.

“When we listen to and learn from families, incorporate their cultural and linguistic funds of knowledge in curriculum, and develop with families ways they can be actively involved in their children’s education at home, we go beyond the good intentions of school-to-home communications and enter into meaningful dialogue that can lead to student learning.”
~Jo-Beth Allen

Developing an Effective School Communication Strategy that Leads to Student Learning

The staff at Glendale School have begun their year collaboratively developing a clear vision for teaching and learning this year.  To set the foundation for this work together, our first three days of school was spent time exploring the question, “What are the elements of effective school communication?”

Elements of Effective Communication
Our entire staff worked together to examine key elements that we value about effective communication in schools.  Together we valued:

  • Purposeful Communication  that is fulfilling, meaningful, positive, effective, constructive and relevant
  • Communication that involves both listening and hearing and enables all to have a voice and that honours each others perspective
  • Timely Communication that is ongoing, current, authentic and is process oriented
  • Honesty and Transparency in communication.  This includes openness, honesty, collaboration, and genuine dialogue
  • Communication that Builds Relationships through understanding, respect, care, empathy and compassion
  • Inclusion of all Voices

~by Glendale School Staff,  August 30, 2015

At Glendale School, we believe strongly that the support of all stakeholders is a shared responsibility that includes the voice of students, teachers and parents.  These parties come together synchronously to support the work of schools in order to extend learning opportunities for students in classrooms and beyond the school.  We are always looking for new opportunities for the creative synergy between our parents and the school and we believe strongly that effective school communication is a critical component of this work.

Meet the Teacher Night: September 17th
To support this communication strategy, teachers have been busy planning for our upcoming “Meet the Teacher” evening which takes place on Thursday, September 17th. In addition to meeting each of you, the purpose of this evening is specifically to create a network of communication that supports families to understand the learning experiences at Glendale School and to provide you with clarity about the role that you as parents can play each and every day in your child’s learning.  Please watch for a detailed invitation early next week.

Michelle SpeightWe are all truly excited about the upcoming year together at Glendale School and all that it will bring.  We sincerely look forward to working with all of you in what promises to be an inspiring and rewarding year!

Please do not hesitate to speak with me should you have any questions.

Most sincerely,
Michelle Speight
Proud Principal of Glendale School

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