Calgary Board of Education

About Our School


In September 2007 Battalion Park opened its new core school. Prior to this Battalion Park had operated as a “mini” school for K to 3 learners. In 2004 funding from Alberta Infrastructure was granted for the construction of an additional core building thereby fulfilling the community’s dream to provide a K to grade 6 program for its residents.

On September 4th 2007, Battalion Park became a two school campus. A large neighborhood utility right of way traveling between the two buildings made it impossible to attach our schools. Hence the theme “two buildings with one heart” grew as staff and students worked purposefully to stay connected to each other.

Programming potential was significantly enhanced with the opening of the core school. A two station gym and physical education specialist provided students with a physical education program. A large library with 30 computers and a wonderful collection of books provided rich resources for students and teachers. A designated music classroom in the mini school and another in a portable between the two buildings facilitated music instruction by 2 part time specialists. An outside compound area, numerous fields and two creative playgrounds allowed for daily active living. A large “gathering space” housed the lunch program in the core school throughout the year. Grade 1 and 4 students ate lunch in the mini building.

The opening of our core school provided students, staff and parents an opportunity to create a new school motto, logo and school colors. At the end of this exciting process the following was revealed:

  • School motto – Building Bright Minds
  • School logo – Battalion Park Hawks
  • School colors – Blue and White

Embedded within this school motto are the following important tenets:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Personal Development
  • Citizenship

Academic Excellence

Using a structured inquiry approach, academic excellence was enhanced at Battalion Park School. Each grade group of teachers identified a central inquiry question/theme to explore with their students throughout the school year. Where appropriate, learner outcomes from the Program of Studies were woven into each inquiry to help deepen students’ understandings and to assist students in making relevant connections to subject specific material. Teachers were learners too in this process. At appropriate times throughout the school year, celebrations of student learning took place to provide students with an opportunity to share their new understandings with their parents.

An ongoing area of development for both students and teachers resided in the area of technology. Increased access and opportunities for technology infusion presented themselves with the arrival of additional classroom wall mounted Smart Boards and a mobile laptop carts. Classroom D2L (Desire to Learn) shells were created in approximately 75% of the classroom providing both students and parents with a window into the classroom at home.

Personal Development

The staff at Battalion Park believes that extracurricular activities promote a platform for personal development. During the 2009/10 school year students had many opportunities to participate in a wide range of leadership and club programs.

These opportunities included:

  • Student Council - gr2-6
  • School Patrols - gr 5-6
  • Building Club
  • Construction Club
  • Yoga Club
  • Div II Choir and Div I choir
  • Recycling club
  • French club
  • Advanced Skipping Club
  • Home Alone
  • Babysitting
  • Girl Power