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Welcome to the 2016/17 school year!

Parents are always looking for things they can do to help their child achieve their best. Research has proven that students experience greater success in school when their parents are involved.  Whether you’re attending a celebration of learning, participating in school events, volunteering for School Council events or supervising a field trip, your contribution makes a difference. It builds relationships, connects you with other parents, builds a sense of community and shows your child that you value their education. Whether you have 20 minutes or 2 hours, your contribution makes a difference!

I’m looking forward to an eventful year at Battalion Park. With the goal of being, “Informed, Involved and Connected”, I’m excited to work with our parent community to support the efforts of the school both inside and outside the classroom. We are fortunate to have a group of very dedicated parents who help enrich our children’s school experience.

This year our School Council is planning activities to promote student safety, allow families to get to know each other, engage parents, as well as promote student leadership, academic achievement and active citizenship. It is the power of parents working together with staff and students that allows us to create the kind of school community we want for our children.

Thank you to all the enthusiastic volunteers that make Battalion Park School a place of which we are all proud.

Jennifer Bradley,
Chair, Battalion Park School Council


Volunteering at Battalion Park School

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2016/17 School Council Executive

Chair – Jennifer Bradley
Treasurer – Lisa Chrest
Secretary – Rolé Sweigers
Key Communicator – Stephen Beatty
Volunteer Coordinator – Elinor Wilson
Student Council Liaison – Holly Moir
Student Engagement – Trish Wojchichowsky, Cynthia Mate, Lynda Phillips
Traffic Safety Coordinator – Maxine Bruggencate
Social Committee – Pamela Colona, Gillian Fraser, Dylan Dean, Shanley Bonnett, Kirsteen Telfer, Becca Fisk, Melissa Krystalovich, Tina Kristjansen, Allison Pummell
Fun Lunch Committee – Tara Pattison, Elinor Wilson, Sophia Smith, Lauren Savoie, Kari Colpitts, Tracy Banks
Technology – Chermaen Lindberg, Oliver Lahr


Signal Hill School Enhancement Society

President – Heather Obrigewitsch -
Treasurer – Rob Yee -
Casino Coordinator – Rob Yee -

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Meeting Dates
Wednesdays, 6:00 – 8:00 pm
Core Library

We are pleased to introduce our volunteers for parent council for 2016-17:


Battalion Park School Council:

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Treasurer –
Secretary -
Volunteer Coordinator –
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