Calgary Board of Education

School Showcase


Grade 2

The grade twos in Mrs. Thompson & Miss Zollner’s classes had the opportunity to attend Nature School at the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary in late November/early December.  Students were able to observe local animals in their natural habitat as well as study the many bio-facts up close.

This sketching art from Mrs. Thompson’s class began with careful observations of small details. Once sketches were just right students added colour with water colour pencil crayons. This is the final product!

The plasticine art from Miss Zollner’s class was inspired by the learning about birds that was generated from the Inglewood visit, as well as the author/illustrator Barbara Reid (‘Have You Seen Birds’, etc.).  Students learned a variety of techniques throughout the week to complete their finished bird picture.

Both classes followed up from their Inglewood visit by creating a diorama with an animal of their choosing, making its habitat, and researching some facts to share.