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Battalion Park Grade 4 Students Share How to Make A Difference During Waste Reduction Week

Grade 4 students at Battalion Park School recently shared their learning with a number of special guests during Waste Reduction Week, October 18 – 22.  Honourable Cal Dallas, MLA Red Deer South and Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of the Environment; Laura Frank, Administrative Assistant to Honourable Ron Liepert, MLA Calgary West; and Christina Seidel, Executive Director of the Recycling Council of Alberta visited the students in Susan Eubank’s classroom the afternoon of October 19  to see environmental stewardship in action.

Under the guidance of Lindsey Walker, University of Calgary Masters of Teaching student teacher, the children shared their inquiry into waste management through several special projects.  They participated in the Recycling Council of Alberta’s Triple Star Waste Challenge to examine the amount of waste produced in one classroom in a week.  Using this data, they determined ways to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle these materials.  Students were excited to share their findings with the guests and to discuss their own personal action plans to manage waste.   This included adding Rethink, Repair, and Responsibility to the three “Rs”.   The boys and girls proudly shared their discoveries while:  calculating their own ecological footprints, starting a vermicomposting of organic waste, creating mini landfills to study decomposition, hosting an Environment Expo to share their work with the rest of the school, and future plans for making paper from recycled school materials.

Students challenged the visitors to describe their own personal approaches to waste management. They also inquired into ways we could take action with companies to reduce the amount of packaging materials used for products sold in Alberta.  Mr. Dallas encouraged students to be proactive in letter writing campaigns to local and provincial government officials.

This ambitious class has committed to an action plan to promote litterless lunches with students and staff of Battalion Park School for the remainder of the year.  In recognition of their work, Mr. Dallas and Mrs. Seidel presented each student with a Cool Gear Cup from the Recycling Council of Alberta.  They have been excited to use them every day in their efforts to have litterless lunches and snacks at school.

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