Calgary Board of Education

About Our School

École Banff Trail is a higher level of Immersion. We are a single-track immersion school with a successful, well established program serving Northwest Calgary. We are a caring school with 350 students and 40 staff. We are a smaller, community school with strong parent involvement. Special and extracurricular programs such as choir, skiing, musicals, dance, outdoor school, and artists in residence enhance the Banff Trail experience.


Our vision is of an inclusive community where all members are recognized as active learners in a nurturing environment characterized by mutual trust and respect.

Purpose Statement

École Banff Trail community members (staff, students, parents) are committed to providing the best possible education and learning environment for all. We foster intellectual, emotional, physical and social growth by encouraging our students to develop creative and critical thinking skills that will help them become productive members of the global society. Students are encouraged to reach their potential in academic and personal achievement and we foster the development of self-respect.

Mission Statement

Through teaching and learning, we nurture the confidence and competencies required for succeeding today and tomorrow.

We believe that:

  • Students must be engaged in purposeful work and relevant learning experiences to develop their diverse needs (academic, social, emotional, physical).
  • A safe and caring school provides an environment where students can grow personally and emotionally.
  • Self-evaluation and on-going feedback on their progress will encourage students to become independent learners with positive self-esteem.
  • Teachers, parents, and support staff work as a community to ensure that students are well prepared for learning.
  • Students are encouraged to make learning choices to develop team-work, organizational, leadership and decision-making skills.

We also have specific expectations pertaining to the French Immersion program.

  • To be functionally bilingual and able to communicate in French (orally and in writing).
  • An appreciation for the culture of francophone countries.
  • An appreciation for second language learning.
  • An appreciation and respect for differences.