Calgary Board of Education

Science Links

Small Crawling & Flying Animals

Let’s Talk about insects

KidCyber – Australia

Insects in Glenmore Park

Insects of Alberta

Amazing Pests for kids

Natural History Notebooks

Small Crawling Glossary

Creature Table


Insect Images

Insect Zoo – Student Page





Praying Mantis










Grade 1 Science Links

Growing Plants -


Habitats -

Ourselves -

Variations -

Grade 2 Science Links

Keeping Warm 1 -

Keeping Warm 2 -

Solids&Liquids -

Science "A" Topics

Aeronautics (Flight) K-8 Principles of Aeronautics

Astronomy: Space & Solar System
Astro: Astronomy for Kids
Astronomy for Kids *
Astronomy Picture of the Day (NASA)
Astronomy Workshop

Calgary Royal Astronomical Society
Excelsior Space Mission
Explore the Solar System
Goddard Space Flight Center
Google Mars
Google Moon *
Hubble Telescope Site
International Space Station
International Space Station Mission Pages
Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA)
Jupiter Animation
Mars Polar Lander
Mars Rover (JPL - NASA)
Moon Surface (Google) *
Newark Museum Planetarium
Nine Planets Solar System Tour
Phases of Moon: View from Earth (Gizmo!)
Planetary Photojournal (NASA)
Solar System Live
Solar System Simulator (NASA) *
Space Calendar
Space Day Calgary
Space Elevator
Space for Species: Tracking From Space
Space Flight
Space Image Libraries
Space Weather (check for sunspots here)
Views of the Solar System
Virtual Journey Into The Universe
Your Sky: Interactive Planetarium
Your Weight on Other Worlds

Enchanted learning

Conservation & Environment

A Century of Kitchen Waste: Comparing 1900s to today!
Action On Waste (Alberta Environment)
Alberta Environment (Gov't of Alberta)
Canadian Biodiversity Website
City of Calgary: Environmental Links
City of Davis Recycling Program (Davis, CA)
Consumer Affairs: Gov't of Canada
Environmental Action & Learning for Youth
Environmental Kids Club (USA EPA)
Environmental Links for Kids (Fairax, VA)
Enviroville, Indiana
EUB KidZone (Alberta Energy & Utilities Board)
Kids Links: Teaching Green
Learn About Chemicals Around Your House!
NAPCOR's Kids Corner
Primary School Australia: Envir. Education
Recycle City
SEEDS Energy Literacy Modules *
Sort It (Edmonton, Alberta)
Waste Reduction Week Canada

Alternative Energy Sources
Alternative Energy - Renewable Energy
Harvesting the Wind (ENMAX)

Earth Day
Earth Day Canada
Earth Day Groceries Project
Earth Day Network

Environmental Projects Around the World
Vancouver to Moscow by Human Power

Global Warming/Climate Change
Climate Change: Government of Canada
Environment Canada: Climate Change
Office of Energy Efficiency (Nat.Res.Canada)
Transport Canada: Environmental Affairs

House Building - Environmentally Friendly
Build Green Canada (currently Alberta & B.C.)

Biodegradable Plastics Glossary
EPIC's Virtual Adventure Game: The Elephant Tour

City of Davis Recycling Program (Davis, CA)
Recycle City
Sort It (Edmonton, Alberta)

Reducing Energy Use

Energy Saving Ideas (Direct Energy)

Toxic Chemicals
Learn About Chemicals Around Your House!

Waste Reduction
A Century of Kitchen Waste: Comparing 1900s to today!
Action On Waste (Alberta Environment)
Waste Reduction Week Canada

Water Conservation
Water Services (City of Calgary)

Science "P" Topics

Carniverous Plants for Kids
Celebrating Wildflowers
Circle of Life: Daily Living
Gardening for Kids!
Great Plant Excape (University of Illinois)
Introducing the Plants (Simply Science)
Kid's Gardening Guide (Whitney Organic Farms)
Kid's Stuff on Plants(California Native Plant Society)
Kid's Valley Web Garden
Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden Kids Page
Plant Nutrient Team
Plants (USDA Agricultural Research Service)
Plants & Animals: FirstGov for Kids
Stories and Spaces: Kainai Plants & Culture
Tree Leaf Key: Identify a tree!
Trees Are Terrific: Travels With Pierre