Calgary Board of Education

About Our School

Belfast School is committed to personalized learning achieved through authentic fine arts and technology experiences within a caring and democratic school community.  Exploration, creation and engagement are fundamental to our mission. 

School Motto

Explore ... Create ... Engage ...

Vision Statement

Children discover themselves and others as learners in a dynamic arts and technology centered learning community. By providing students with the opportunities to experience their world, they will realize their individual gifts and personal capacities.

Expressing and building understanding through creative endeavors allows students to generate personal connections socially, physically and emotionally.

Through meaningful and authentic learning experiences, students will initiate and engage in practices that foster ownership of the future and responsible citizenship.

School Beliefs

We Believe That:

  • Learning is a life-long process, must be engaging and meaningfully connected to real life. 
  • Goal setting is essential to personalized learning.
  • Democracy, respect and acceptance are foundational to Belfast School’s culture.
  • Self-awareness and personal advocacy empower students to provide their individual voice.
  • Recognizing the family as the child’s primary source of learning; student learning is a shared endeavor with the school and family working in partnership.
  • The infusion of technology and fine arts is essential. 
  • Children’s understanding is deepened through multiple ways of knowing and representing learning.
  • A collaborative approach to learning fosters a community of justified risk takers, mentors and leaders.