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Belfast School Council

School Council



Belfast School Council and Belfast School Fundraising Society Meetings 6:30 p.m.

Belfast School Council

President | Robbie-Lynn Nichol
Vice-President | Tabatha Sandford
Secretary | Corrine Davis
Key Communicator | Chelsy Masini
Volunteer Coordinator | Amber Anderson 
Kindergarten Co-Representives | Mandi Henn, Caitlin Dillman
Directors at large| Wendy Couronne, David Thistlethwaite

Belfast Fundraising Council

President | Lori Kariga
Vice-President | Beth Reinhart
Secretary | Corrine Davis
Treasurer | Tabatha Sandford
Director at Large | Wendy Couronne, David Thistlethwaite, Jodi Garagan
Casino Co-ordinators | Michelle Paries, Amber Anderson

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the School Council at: