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This site is available for use at home and school. It is a dynamic website that changes and grows regularly.

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Tell Them From Me Survey

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National Geographic Young Explorer


Kindergarten Students

Butterfly Activities:

Butterfly Lifecycle and Colouring

Caterpillar Count

Butterfly Count

Butterfly Wings

Butterfly Colouring

Butterfly Jigsaw Puzzle

Zoo Animal Activities:

Animal Jigsaw Puzzle

Animal Memory Game

3 Animal Jigsaw Puzzle

Animal Who?

Your Zoodles

Dinosaur Activities:

Dinosaur Bones

Dinosaur Match

Dinosaur Puzzle

You Dig

Patterns with Dinosaur

How Long?

Dinosaur Puzzle 2

Build A Dinosaur

DinoMight Appetite

Name A Saurus

Dinosaur Match

Dinosaur Paint

Bear Activities:

Berenstain Bear Games (6 games)

Bear's Skateboard Park

Make a Bear

Paint and Colour

Memory Game