Calgary Board of Education

About Our School

Capitol Hill School is a place that inspires, engages and embraces children’s passions and interests.  Our instructional model reflects the competencies for 21st Century Learning as outlined in the framework for student learning.  We have moved forward from a learning through the arts school to a “school of creativity” where creating, inventing and innovating will become the focus for all of our inquiry by developing our students to be engaged thinkers, ethical citizens with an entrepreneurial spirit.  Our aim is to personalize students’ learning by utilizing an inquiry-based learning model through project-based experiences with outcomes determined by students and teachers.

We take pride in our work by being at the forefront of pedagogy that is rich and instigated by provocative research.  Central to teaching and learning is the Reggio philosophy where our images of children – curious, exploratory and inquisitive – embrace personal passions and interests in students’ quest for a better understanding of their world and life.   Leonardo Da Vinci’s seven principles guide us as we shift from a process of disseminating information to a process of inquiry and discovery in our effort to identify our students’ competencies.   Although our learners will continue to study reading, writing and mathematics, they will focus more deeply on a curriculum that allows for more interdisciplinary studies.  Combined in this philosophy is the opportunity for children to participate in project-based work that allows children to explore in-depth a topic of interest from many perspectives for an extended period of time.   Embedded throughout the work is the use of technology.   This approach to learning involves the knowledge, skills and aptitudes that enable individuals to think critically, communicate effectively, deal with change and solve problems in a variety of contexts to achieve their personal goals, develop their knowledge and potential, and participate fully in society.

This notion fulfills the belief and the importance that Capitol Hill students receive the right to learn in a good school, be taught by excellent teachers, and experience a learning environment filled with beautiful artifacts representative of their own learning.   At Capitol Hill School each child is honored, inspired and highly regarded for their personal gifts and talents.

Capitol Hill School is located in the northwest quadrant of Calgary.  It is a K - 6 school with approximately 290 students enrolled.  The school serves the communities of Capitol Hill, Banff Trail, Collingwood, and Charleswood. There are definite times throughout the day devoted to specific subjects; there is also time devoted to inquiry learning where the meaningful connection of subjects occurs.   Capitol Hill School is home to 2 system special education classrooms (TASC and Bridges).  The on-site before and after school Adventurers Child Care Program and its Kindergarten Enhancement Program are also appealing to families.  Its small size offers a rich and intimate learning environment.

Please note:  Capitol Hill School is a public education school serving the communities of Capitol Hill, Banff Trail, Collingwood and Charleswood.   It is not a school of choice within the Calgary Board of Education, a Charter School or Private School.  We are not accepting out of area students at this time.