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We have an active school council who meet the second Monday of each month at 6:30 pm. All parents are welcome. Please add these dates to your calendar: June 12.

School Council - Traffic & Pedestrian Safety

Parking Zones and Idling
The safety and wellbeing of all children at Capitol Hill School is our greatest concern. A top safety issue discussed every year at School Council is parking while dropping off or picking up our kids. During the past summer, the City of Calgary installed a sidewalk along the north of our school on 22nd Ave. With our new sidewalk, the City also installed two curb cuts to access the two parking lots. The two parking lots are intended exclusively for teacher's use. For parents that are dropping off or picking up their kids, we ask that you only use the recommended dropoff areas and not use the parking lots at any time during the school day as there is ample street parking (see attached map of recommended drop-off areas).

In addition, with the temperature slowly dropping, we encourage you not to “idle” your vehicle while parked around the school. Parking in designated zones and reducing the toxic fumes of idling will greatly enhance the safety and wellbeing of everyone accessing Capitol Hill School.

Thank you for supporting the use of our designated parking zones!

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CHEES or “The Capitol Hill Elementary Enhancement Society” is our fundraising committee that seeks funds needed to make our school both highly successful and enriched. To date, funds raised from CHEES grants, casinos & fundraisers have funded our new school playground, our artist-in-residence program, new technology equipment, enrichment resources and performances. CHEES works with council and the Principal to prioritize funding needs.

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School Council Minutes are in PDF format. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader.