Calgary Board of Education

Tenets for learning in a School of Creativity

Personalizes student learning with a focus on student’s passions and interests (read more…)

Focuses on the whole child (read more…)

Inspired by the principles of the Reggio philosophy (read more …)

Learning process balances academic content and inquiry learning (read more...)

Embraces the inquiry-based learning model as the process for learning (read more…)

Emphasis on project-based learning to give opportunities for creating, inventing, and innovating (read more...)

Cross-curricular connections gives importance to Mathematics, Science, Technology and the Arts (read more...)

Provides opportunities for social construction of knowledge to make sense of new information through ongoing dialogue and conversation (read more…)

Student engagement is authentic and central to student learning (read more…)

Fosters metacognition and higher order thinking skills (read more...)

Endorses the spirit of humanity through the circle of courage (read more…)

Observation and documentation process ensures assessment – rich learning (read more…)

Formative assessment informs teacher practice and student learning (read more…)

Student competencies reflect the seven Da Vincian principles (read more…)

Engaged thinkers and ethical citizens with entrepreneurial spirit is the outcome (read more…)