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What Are We Discovering about Character?


Character Captain Virtues

Sept 5 1:15

Leading through…
Respect for Self
Respect for Others
Respect for the Environment

September 5 – October 13
(Learning Celebration Oct. 13)

Introduce Empathy

October 13 – November 24
(Learning Celebration Nov.24)

Introduce Resiliency

Remembrance Day  Nov. 10


November 24 – Jan. 19
(Learning Celebration Jan.  19)

Introduce Cooperation

Pink  T shirt Celebration  Mar. 2

Anti-bullying Celebration

January 19  – March 9
(Learning Celebration Mar. 9

Introduce Mindfulness

March 9 – April 13
(Learning Celebration April 13)

Introduce Appreciation

April 13 – May 25
 Final Character Celebration  May 25 )

Colonel Sanders Naturalization Area

A place for doing

  • which offers opportunities for physical activities, for “doing” all kinds of things, and which recognizes their need to extend themselves, develop new skills, to find challenges and take risks.

A place for thinking   

  • which provides intellectual stimulation, things which they can discover and study and learn about by themselves and with friends, which allows them to explore and discover and understand more about the world they live in.

A place for feeling

  • which presents colour and beauty and interest, which engenders a sense of ownership and pride and belonging, in which they can be “small” without feeling vulnerable, where they can care for the place and people in it and feel cared for themselves.

A place for being

  • which allows them to “be” themselves, which recognizes their individuality, their need to have a private persona in a public place, for privacy, for being alone and with friends, for being quiet in noise, for being a child.

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