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October News

Please see the October school newsletter for the News from the Nest.

How can I become involved?'

Read this monthly newsletter to keep you up to date with what’s going on.

Visit our website for information about initiatives, events, and other good resources for parents.

Attend a monthly council and society meeting. Administration, parents, and sta talk about events and news aecting the students and the school.

Volunteer. We are always looking for organizers for initiatives like Sports Day, or parents to come out and help for a few hours for Fun Lunch, or families to bring in baking for our wonderful “Grandparent” readers who work with our younger students. Visit for details.

Our school community is strong, because of engaged parents. Thank you!

May 7, 2013 AGM School Council Letter to Parents (pdf)

Hillhurst School Council Website

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The mission of our School Council is to foster the well-being and effectiveness of all our School Community and thereby enhance student learning. Our School Council works to facilitate communication among all of the concerned participants of our School Community so that we may function together, as partners, to create an effective learning environment that enables our students to achieve their potential. All of the members of our School Community and our School Council will be guided by established bylaws and policies when making decisions, or providing advice, with respect to our school.

Objectives of the School Council

  • Promote fellowship and collaboration in the School Community so that all participants/members work together for the well-being and effectiveness of the school as a community
  • Develop interest in, and understanding of, school activities and to promote involvement in the school among parents and families
  • Provide a forum for questions and concerns, and to inform families about the school
  • Provide volunteer help to assist in the organization and implementation of programs
  • Coordinate the school's fund-raising activities and operate such fund-raising activities as independent organizations or subcommittees of our school council
  • Give the school important extras that might otherwise be unavailable, given the school‚s budgetary constraints, and thereby enhance student learning


The membership of the Council is open to all community members who have a stake in the education of children in Hillhurst Community School.


The following committees are open for volunteers:

  • Fundraising
  • Programs for Parents
  • Special Lunches
  • Technology (a resource for new technological hardware and software)
  • Volunteer Coordinator Team (with openings in these areas)
  • Class Parent (responsible for volunteers in a particular classroom)
2016-2017 Minutes
November 9
February 8
March 8
April 12
May 10
June 14


Co-Chairs: Kara E, Jenny W.
Secretary: Marueen M.
Treasurer: Amanda F.
Key Communicator: Vacant
GATE Reps: Christine R., Joanna S.
Members at Large: Dione C., Erin G., Shannon M.