Calgary Board of Education

Naturalization and School Grounds Project


Schoolgrounds Updates to Parents

» Volunteer Installation
» Phase 1 Fundraising - to Sept 15/10

Ground Plan Brochure

» Prairie Sky North Field Naturalization Concept

King George Site Master Plan

» Playground Schematic
» Visual of Playground

Playworks Playground Design Proposal

» Playstructure Visuals
» Kompan Specs
» Kompan Stinger
» BigToys Rock 'n Cross
» Layout of rocks and rope area
» Visual of rocks and ropes

Survey for Students & Teachers

Learning Grounds: Under The Prairie Sky Powerpoint Presentation

» Watch Powerpoint

Telling our story 1996 to 2016


Parks Foundation Calgary

Parks Foundation Calgary administers all projects finances-a huge support! If you, your family members, your company, or any associations you may be involved with, would like to donate directly to the King George School Grounds project, click on the form below:

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