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Practicing French Phonétique:

To help our students develop sportmanship (French Version) - La Charte de l'Esprit Sportif

Fun Finger Gym

Here are some fun 'finger gym' exercises to get your hands and fingers warmed up! These are great exercises to wake up the hands before printing.  When these exercises are practiced at least once daily, they soon become much easier. You refine your ability to isolate fingers and move them independently from each other. Finger isolation and the ability to control your small finger movements can help:

  • controlling your pencil when you write, draw or colour
  • tying shoelaces
  • doing zippers and buttons on clothing
  • manipulating small objects
  • ... And many other daily activities that require fine motor skills!
    Here is the youtube link that we created for finger exercises and hand exercises. or type Fun Finger Gym in youtube

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