Calgary Board of Education

About Our School

The school operates on a modified calendar. Catherine Nichols Gunn School provides accessible and inclusive services to the families in our community through the partnership of schools, families, agencies and the community.

Principal's Message

The staff at Catherine Nichols Gunn School extends a warm welcome to you as partners in your child's education. Children bring their unique gifts and talents to school. By working together as staff members, parents, community agencies and businesses, we are able to create a variety of learning opportunities for our students. These opportunities support their achievements and their ongoing success in school. We look forward to "working together" on behalf of your child and all students at C.N. Gunn. If you have any questions about school procedures or expectations, please call 403-777-6620.

Our Staff's Belief Statements

About Staff Members About Student Role
Staff members should be positive role models and supportive facilitators of student learning Children become responsible for their own learning by being active, independent and reflective problem-solvers who are confident in using a number of strategies.
Our responsibility as staff members is to take ownership of our own learning and development and to implement thoughtful and effective practices. Children demonstrate responsibility for their own behaviour by being postivie, respectful, contributing members of the school community.

Our Vision For Teaching and Learning

At Catherine Nichols Gunn School, we have an atmosphere that is child-centered. Through implementation of thoughtful and effective teaching practices, our students learn and are successful. They have access to abundant resources in interactive classrooms where their individual learning needs are met and where each student's uniqueness is celebrated.

For Our Students

Students at Catherine Nichols Gunn School develop knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable them to be self-motivated, active, independent, risk-taking, reflective problem solvers and lifelong learners. They take pride and ownership for their own learning and interpersonal skills. They strive to be the best they can be.

For Our Staff Members

Our staff members support and mentor each other. We seek opportunities to celebrate and value the unique talents, contributions and individuality of each staff member. We continue to work together in a collaborative environment where we share beliefs about teaching and learning and where everyone has opportunities to lead. We are committed to professional development on an ongoing basis so that we may learn about and implement effective practice.

For Our Partners (Parents, Guardians, Community)

Parents are full parnters in the learning community at Catherine Nichols Gunn School. They support their child's learning by understanding the importance of the home in preparing students to be successful learners. They support and promote the programs at the school, taking leadership roles where possible. Through meaningful involvement and support of adequate funding for school programs and public education, our community is an active partner in the important work of the school. Our community supports neighbourhood safety and provides appropriate resources for students and their families.

School Motto

Be the best you can be.