Calgary Board of Education

Principal's Message

Welcome to the Alice Jamieson Girls' Academy. The Alice Jamieson Girls' Academy is an alternative school offered within the Calgary Board of Education. We invite you to explore our web site to gain insights into aspects of program and school.

Our program was initiated as an alternative school within the Calgary Board of Education because of research that suggested that girls are more apt to pursue careers in science or technology if they are able to attend programs tailored to the learning needs of female students. Research conducted by Datnow (2001) suggests that successful all girls' programs have components that support female students greatly. These aspects are highlighted below along with hyperlinks to other parts of our site that describe how we are addressing these needs in our program.

Girls need to gain experience as leaders.

We endeavour to provide our students with a variety of leadership experiences in our learning community and beyond to the larger community of Calgary. Students act as volunteers, peer counsellors and members of School Council. Our girls also are expected always to act as positive ambassadors for our program. Coaches, parents and students from other schools, and members of the community frequently comment on the wonderful modelling our girls offer when they visit other sites.

Girls need exposure to women who can act as mentors in Science and Technology

Our students have access to the SciberMentor Program through the University of Calgary. They are introduced to a woman involved in the field of Science or Technology with whom they correspond by email on regular basis. We also have our students participate in the Alberta Mentor Foundation for Youth program. These partnerships have been very successful and our girls benefit from communication with these positive role models.

Girls need an understanding of the biological and social construction of gender

Information about the biological and social construction of gender is presented in each curriculum area by our teachers. Our students in Grades 4 and 5, as an example, visited Stampede School. in October, 2006 to complete a study on women in Alberta's history. They had the opportunity to study the important role of women.

Girls are supported by celebrations of their successes

Each reporting period we celebrate our students' successes through assemblies or events which highlight academic and social achievements. The celebration of our Science Fair, for example, will be presented February 2nd during the school day.

Girls are supported by an emphasis on independence, empowerment, and leadership and by having ownership

We have an active student leadership group that coordinates some of the charitable events and volunteer activities for our school.

Girls need exposure to modelling of equity principles and ownership in policy and procedures

Our student council is asked to contribute opinions and direction to our School Development Plan. We respond positively to our students' suggestions for changes in policy and improvement. Last year, for example, a peer-counselling group was created as result of a letter submitted by our Grade Five Students suggesting that there needed to be ways of resolving conflicts.

Girls need to have their specific learning needs addressed

We endeavour to provide a relationship based curriculum, the exploration of personal growth paths, and a focus on cooperative learning and verbal communication.

Please feel free to contact us here at the school regarding our program at 403-777-6800. We hope to provide not only an alternative for educating girls within the City of Calgary but also to serve as a source of research about how to attend to the learning needs of girls in more effective ways.

Yours truly,

Sandra Fowler-Brown