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We take pride in the multi-disciplinary work that we do as a school community. Please click on one of the links below to see us in action!

Protocols-click here!

In the development of The Alice Jamieson Girls' Academy, protocols were created to guide the program in maintaining optimal conditions to address the developmental needs of girls. We continue our strong focus on these protocols, and encourage you to read about them on our "Protocols" page. You will find numerous examples of how our program caters to the needs of our developing girls! Visit the Protocols page now by clicking here!

Character traits

Alice Jamieson Academy girls' program places a strong emphasis on the development of positive character traits. At the heart of many projects done at this school you will find aspects of character education.

Program focus--Outdoor Education

Students are offered numerous exciting and engaging option classes in our program; in addition to our strong band, technology and French classes, one program option is Outdoor Education. Please click on the pictures below to see students in various outdoor education situations!

Canoeing 1 Canoeing 2 Rock-climbing 1
Rock-climbing 2 Snowshoeing 1 Snowshoeing 2

Leadership Camp

Alice Jamieson students in grades 4 through 9 visit a Rocky Mountain Camp in the fall of the school year , developing a greater sense of community and participating in a wide variety of learning activities!


Alice Jamieson Girls' Academy is an amazing, dynamic choice for students looking to develop their learning. Here is what some parents and students are saying about the program:

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