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Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program

(An aural/oral program for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students)

Important Reminder -

By June 11 - If your child takes the bus please register them with transportation.  If you do not sign-up on you MY CBE ACCOUNT, your address will not be considered for bus stops for the start of next year. Here is the link:

-June 14 - Provincial Achievement Tests begin June 14 for grade 6 and June 20th for Grade 9’s.  Please let us know if your child will be away during any of their exams.

- June 27th - Sports Day

- June 28 - AM/PM Kindergarten Graduation

-June 28th - Last Day Report Cards go Home

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Program Description

The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program at Stanley Jones School has provided educational services for deaf and hard of hearing students from the city of Calgary since the 1960s. This program emphasizes the use of speech, residual hearing, visual English in the form of sign supported speech, speechreading and the use of written English.  The primary program goal is developing skills in listening and spoken language, reading and writing, and self-advocacy. Language is taught directly and intentionally throughout all subject areas, using a variety of techniques, including assistive technology.  Students in this program have hearing aids or cochlear implants and/or use personal FM sound systems. Our students have access to the mandated Alberta Education curriculum that is personalized to their learning needs and have the opportunity for integration into other classrooms where appropriate. This program is recommended for families who have expressed a preference for their children to learn through aural methods of input (listening to English) and oral expression (speaking).

The DHH program is an active part of the Stanley Jones and Alice Jamieson Girls' Academy community. Integration into Stanley Jones and/or Alice Jamieson Academy classes for instruction is based on individual needs and abilities. All students in the DHH program at Stanley Jones are integrated for physical education.

One of our school goals, which is supported through the Alberta Initiative for School Improvement, is to support the social-emotional development of deaf and hard of hearing students. This is done through explicit instruction of social skills and problem-solving strategies.

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