Calgary Board of Education

Fees and Waivers

Please note: this information is under review and is awaiting CBE and Alberta Ministerial Approval.



This page will be updated by September 30th, 2017 for the 2017/2018 School Year

More Information: Calgary Board of Education Fees and Waivers web page

Online fee payment is available here.

Instructional Supplies and Materials Fees

Kindergarten (half day) $ 15.00
Elementary (Grades 1 to 6) $ 30.00
Junior High (Grades 7 to 9) $105.00
Family maximum $264.00

An Application for Rebate form can be filled out after payment.

Incidental Activity Fees for Students at Lunchtime Elective Fee

Elementary (Grades 1 to 6) $10.00
Junior High (Grades 7 to 9) $30.00

This elective fee is used to offset the costs to support a lower supervision ratio in our lunchroom.

Elementary Noon Supervision

Non bus-eligible students (Four Day Program is $230 annually). Non bus-eligible students are those students who live within the school’s designated walk limit or who are attending a school other than their designated school. (This would include siblings of the Alice Jamieson Program attending Stanley Jones School.) There are no waivers for lunchroom supervision.

Waivers are available for I.S.M., Transportation and Band Fees depending on income. Waivers were sent home to parents who were eligible this year for waivers and they should have now been submitted. If you feel you should have a waiver form and did not receive one, they can be obtained at the school or online. These need to be completed prior to the end of June.

Other fees throughout the year will be charged for activities such as field trips, swimming, in-line skating and there may be charges for options. For those taking Environmental Outdoor Education, there will be a $60 charge for grades 6 and 7 students and a $100 fee for grades 8 and 9 (on average). As the events come about you will be notified of charges for other events.