Calgary Board of Education

School Showcase

NOTE: Some School Showcase items in this section were made with Microsoft PowerPoint; if you do not own PowerPoint, you can download a free PowerPoint Viewer HERE.

We take pride in the multi-disciplinary work that we do as a school community. Please click on one of the links below to see us in action!

Balanced Literacy

Balanced Literacy incorporates all reading approaches realizing students need to use multiple strategies to become proficient readers. See below for some examples of various components of this method! Click on the picture for a larger version.

A sample of our guided reading books A rich grade 3 classroom library DEAR time: Drop Everything And Read!
A leveled Home Reading program A vast guided reading library Some independent reading time
Meaningful writing activities A grade 3 word wall Exploring and working with words
Some independent writing time Students learn about the traits of good writing Working with words and sentences
Using word walls to help consolidate learning Another word wall variation Writing with animated literacy
Using technology to support literacy    


Kindergarten in action

Please see below for various ways in which our kindergarten program creates a caring, inclusive, well-rounded learning environment for all! Click on the picture for a larger version.

Exploring the building centre Working on creating patterns Developing creative expression
Dramatic play in action! Building environmental awareness Integrating technology into learning
Enhancing physical skills and well-being Building a solid foundation for reading Shared writing experiences
Social interactions planned into lessons    

Shelley-Ann Brown visit

Shelley-Ann Brown, winner of the Silver Medal for Team Canada at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games in the Women's Bobsleigh event, visited our school in late October 2009 to discuss her path to the then-upcoming Winter Olympics. She was an excellent speaker, as students were fascinated by her tenacity and determination! See below for some pictures of her visit, AS WELL AS A SHORT VIDEO!

Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4
Picture 5 Picture 6 Picture 7 Movie 1

My place in space

Bradley, a grade 6 student, created a PowerPoint presentation about his precise location in the universe! Click here.

Character education

Stanley Jones School places a strong emphasis on the development of positive character traits. Please click on one of the character trait links below to see some visuals on how we integrate Character Education into the curriculum.


Grade 5 & 6 students created some PowerPoint presentations about how they see "Respect".


Room 22--Click on a student name to see how they understand the meaning of "UNDERSTANDING".



Grade 5 & 6 students created some PowerPoint presentations about how they see "Justice".