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Parent Weekly Communication

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May 23-27 | Archives


2015-2016 Thorncliffe Traditional School Calendar (pdf)



This week at a glance


May 23

No School - Victoria Day

May 24

School Council 6 pm
Agenda (pdf)

May 25


May 26

TLC Kindergarten Orientation


May 270


May 23
Victoria Day - School Closed



On the Horizon


6 Extra non-instruction day – no classes for students
15 English Language Arts Part B PAT
16 Grade 6 Math PAT
17 Grade 6 Science PAT
20 Grade 6 Social Studies PAT
24 2:00 PM Grade 6 Farewell Celebration
27 Written Report Cards go home
27 Last day of school
28 Extra non-instruction day – no classes for students
29 System non-instruction day – no classes for students
30 School closed – Summer holidays


Playground Boundaries and Hot Water in the Lunchroom

School Boundaries:  on February 23rd Thorncliffe school had a lunchroom inspection.  After the inspection we were debriefed on actions we needed to take to comply with safety regulations.  One was the removal of boiling/hot water and the other was the boundaries of our very large field.  Our  staff met to discuss decisions about removing the ‘blind spots’ on our playground without taking away places to play popular games.  Please find attached the map of the school field.  The areas in red are the ‘out of bounds’ areas.  In daily announcements,  students were supported with the changes and why the changes were made.  Teachers were given a map to share on the SMARTBoards with their students, Mrs. McGregor marked areas with paint and each teacher took their students outside to walk the boundaries.  This is a school and we are all about teaching and learning so there is no ‘punishment’ for being out of bounds.  We completely understand that a ball may roll into the out of bounds area and we would expect that students would retrieve the ball and return to their game without consequence.  The spaces removed make the play area much safer, as students are not playing near openings to the streets or the staff parking lot. 



Hot/boiling water is not permitted in lunchrooms due to danger of burns.



What's New

May 4, 2016 | Share your perspectives on transportation (pdf)


Apr. 5, 2016 | Letter to parents from David Stevenson and Joy Bowen-Eyre regarding Bill 10 (pdf)


Feb. 25, 2016 | Traditional Learning Centre (TLC) Designation change for Colonel Sanders and Thorncliffe Schools effective September 2016 (pdf)


Fun Lunch Instructions


2015-2016 bus maps now online



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