Calgary Board of Education

About Our School

Dalhousie School provides a Spanish Bilingual program for students in Grades K-5. The Spanish Bilingual Program provides opportunities for students to acquire the basic skills of speaking, reading and writing both English and Spanish at a young age. The Alberta Curriculum is taught in Spanish 50% of the time and in English 50% of the time. The Spanish Academy is open to all Calgary Board of Education students living in Area I. Bussing is available at the regular bussing fee.

Vision Statement

Our vision is that all students will be successful learners in a community that values meaningful learning experiences and caring relationships with others.

Mission Statement

Dalhousie School is committed to enabling each child to learn in an environment that recognizes, celebrates and attends to individual differences. This environment emphasizes critical thinking, shared decision making and student ownership for learning.

Belief Statements

  • Shared ownership and accountability of public education by parents, children, the school and the community builds a positive foundation for lifelong learning.
  • We work together in a caring community that recognizes, respects and values each individual.
  • School culture is enhanced by cohesiveness and collegiality.
  • The learning environment provides the opportunity for children to be successful.
  • We learn best by communicating, sharing, planning and supporting each other.
  • Children need to develop the ability to share in making responsible decisions regarding their own learning and behaviour.
  • Staff professional development is the shared responsibility of the individual, the school and the system.

School Motto

Take care of yourself,
Take care of each other,
Take care of our school.