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Forms and Publications

2007 - 2008
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Featured on the cover of the September 2007 Newsletter

Butterfly Collection
Created by Artists in Grade 1

Last June, the grade one classes studied butterflies as part of their Science unit on “Animals From Eggs”. Butterflies were hatched and their life cycle observed. With the help of our resident artist, Jeremy Mayne, we used a variety of art techniques involving drawing, mixing crayon and using water colors to create butterflies. Notice our use of symmetry, patterns, color and shapes. What a wonderful culmination to our study!

Featured on the cover of the October/November 2007 Newsletter

Falling Leaves
Mr. Staszczak’s Grade 4/5 Artists
Students celebrated the arrival of autumn by drawing leaf clusters falling to the ground. Leaves were overlapped to create depth and then the leaves were patterned using repeating line or color.
Art work by artists in Area 3 who are working with Jeremy Mayne

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Featured on the cover of the
December/January 2007/2008 Newsletter

Grade 5/6 Artists’ work with Jeremy Mayne
Our resident artist Jeremy Mayne has once again enabled Dalhousie students to produce outstanding works of art to adorn our hallways. Through mixed media techniques, blending watercolour, graphite, coloured pencil and watercolour pencil, our students have created amazing landscapes.
Featured on the cover of the February/March 2008 Newsletter

I See Icy Snow
Grade 1, 2, and 3 students’ work with artist Jeremy Mayne

In social studies we learn about 3 different communities in Canada. One is Iqaluit which is located in Nunavut. The Inuit people traditionally make igloos when they are out on the tundra. They are north of the tree line so the only resource is snow. Jeremy taught us about perspective and the power of the curved line. It can trick the brain into seeing a 3-dimensional object on 2 dimensional paper. We used pencil, colored pencils and chalk to create these bears, igloos and inukchuks. Can you imagine crawling on your belly to get inside the igloo?
Featured on the cover of the April/May 2008 Newsletter

Shapes in the Sun
Created by artists in Ms. Cikaluk’s Grade 3 class.
In science the grade 3’s have been studying “Testing and Building with a Variety of Materials”. Under the direction of Jeremy Mayne, we incorporated this unit with art. The students drew 3-D geometric shapes using the drawing techniques of 2-point perspective and shading. We used these same art skills to create the Taj Mahal drawings, which ties into both our science and social studies units.

Orff the Wall
Jack Singer Hall
Epcor Centre for the Performing Arts
May 7, 2008

Students in Mr. Gilbank's Grade 5/6 class and Ms. Williamson's Grade 6 class.
Students performed at the Jack Singer Concert Hall with 7other schools from across the CBE. It was a sold out performance with a standing ovation.

Featured on the cover of the June 2008 Newsletter

Garden of Learning
Created by artists in Ms. Hodgen’s Grade 2 class and
Mrs. Schlebach's Grade 4 class.

The Gr.2 students created these gardens of flowers for the volunteer tea. We started by making a sky wash and a grass wash. Once that was dry we made blobs of paints all over the grass. When that was dry, the students outlined and added detail to turn them into flowers. The final touch was to add fluffy clouds. The effect was a beautiful garden.

The Gr. 4 students used a theme of Alberta’s flowers, with Jeremy Mayne to make pencil crayon sketches and sculptures. After sketching the flowers, students chose one flower and using a medium of oil pastel created these Tiger Lilies and Indian Paintbrushes.





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