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Marion Carson Accolades

accolade (noun) -- an award or privilege granted as a special honor or as an acknowledgment of merit

Disclaimer: Marion Carson School acknowledges all the special contributions all the members of the Calgary Board of Education (CBE) provides students & the amazing work of all students in all school.

Here are just a few examples found at our school that we wish to showcase.

Alberta Kaleidoscope Video Challenge

May 2011 -- Earlier this year two grade 6 students, Sophie M and Maggie B, entered the Alberta Kaleidoscope Video Challenge. Their movie entitled Litter: It’s All Around You won first place in the under 13 category. The short film will be featured at the Kaleidoscope screening in Edmonton on May 28, 2011. A $500 prize and the opportunity to attend the National Kaleidoscope Screening and Conference in September of next year has been awarded. Congratulations.

Grand & Toy's "A Day Made Better" campaign

Every day across Canada, dedicated public school teachers are mentoring our nation's next leaders through creativity, dedication and sometimes even with money from their own pocket to ensure students have the tools to learn. A Day Made Better is Grand & Toy's way of thanking these unsung heroes and providing them with some long overdue recognition. Do you know an exceptional teacher? One who always goes that extra mile to maximize their students learning opportunities? If you do, Grand & Toy, in partnership with Learning for a Sustainable Future (LSF), wants to help you recognize that amazing teacher in your community for their outstanding contribution. See this link for nomination forms, information and rules: Exceptional Teachers Deserve -- "A Day Made Better."

"Front of the Class" -- Calgary Hitman & Telus
The Calgary Hitmen Hockey Club and TELUS have developed a partnership aimed at recognizing both Calgary Board of Education and Calgary Catholic School District Elementary teachers. The program entitled “Front of the Class” celebrates students’ recognition of the impact that Elementary teachers have on their academic, moral, personal and social development. The program encourages elementary students to express appreciation through creative writing for one of their current teacher’s dedication and skill. Selected teachers long with the students in their class and the school principal will each receive two tickets for the Front of the Class Hitmen game designated. See this link "Front of the Class -- Calgary Hitman & Telus."

Excellence in Teaching Awards
(Alberta Education)
Excellence in Teaching Awards Program has recognized the innovative and outstanding teaching that takes place every day in classrooms across Alberta.  This program provides Albertans with a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the many contributions teachers make to student learning.
- Parents, teacher-colleagues, principals, superintendents and all Albertans are encouraged to show their appreciation by nominating an outstanding teacher or principal for an Excellence in Teaching Award.
           - numerous staff at Marion Carson have been nominated in the past and/or have received awards
           - this is a yearly award which often starts by parents/students nominating a teacher
           - nominate a teacher today!
           Nomination Deadline:  TBA see web site for details

APEGGA Teacher Awards Program
Who makes "school cool"
Every year APEGGA recognizes exceptional teachers through the Teacher Awards program who make math or science fun, who help to encourage and inspire students to succeed academically. Students, parents, school staff, other teachers, school principals and others can all nominate a teacher. Tell APEGGA that your teacher “makes school cool!”
           - staff at Marion Carson have been nominated in the past
           - nomimation deadline: usually due in March, however, please consult the website for full details
           - nominate a teacher today!

City Hall Mural Project June 2010
Congratulations to students of Mrs. Fraser's & Ms. Creamer's grade six classes for their work at City Hall School back in December 2009. In their work with City Hall School, they were able to later connect with the company, Board Works and artist Daniel Kirk, in the spring of 2010 to help paint murals that will be up in City Hall during maintenance work on escalators. Diane Murray, coordinator for City Hall School was present for the ceremony as well. Unfortunately, Mrs. Fraser was unavailabe for the photo opportunity.


Excellence In Teaching Awards 2009-2010
Congratulations to Mr. Wiedener of "The Cottage" for being nominated as a semi-finaliast in the Alberta Excellence In Teaching Awards for 2010. The 2010 Excellence in Teaching Awards program recognizes the innovative and outstanding teaching that takes place every day in classrooms across the province. It provides the community with a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the many contributions teachers make to student learning.
            Nominees show leadership, demonstrate creativity and innovation, work collaboratively with colleagues, and create positive and stimulating learning environments that motivate students to exceed their own expectations. Each nomination includes statements of support from the nominee’s principal or superintendent, a teaching colleague, and a member of the public. Semi-finalists and award recipients are selected by a committee made up of representatives from the education community.
            According to the Minister of Education, Dave Hancock, Mr. Wiedener should "... take pride in knowing that students, parents and colleagues think highly of your dedication to teaching and your commitment to the student of Alberta." MLA Alana DeLong of the Calgary Bow constituency writes, "... your dedication to the teaching profession and the positive impact that you have had on students is commendable. Thank you for the significant contribution you have made to Alberta's students." Naomi E. Johnson , Chief Superintendent of the Calgary Board of Education, states "... this is certainly a reflection of your commitment to student learning, and the important role you play as a member of the Calgary Board of Education community."
photo photo
Gordon Dirks, CBE School Board Trustee for Area I presented Mr. Wiedener with a token of recognition at the May 2010 Board Meeting.

National Inclusive Education Award
Spring 2010
Congratulations to Ms. Christine Creamer for being nominated for the 2009 Inclusive Education Award by the Canadian Down Syndrome Society. The presentation was made in late June 2010.
           The winner of this year’s award ensures that her students are fully included in every way that is meaningful. She creates an environment of acceptance and understanding while, setting a standard within her class for all the students to follow. She modified the curriculum as needed in order for her students to get the most out of the lessons and teaching them to be more independent. May all teachers have the same passion as Ms. Creamer to see the full potential in their students and work towards bringing out those strengths.
           The Canadian Down Syndrome Society Awards are given annually at the CDSS National Conference. These awards recognize the outstanding contributions of individuals and organizations who support the vision and mission of the CDSS and work to enrich the lives of people with Down syndrome and the communities where they live and work.
           Mr. Kirk Crowther from the Down Syndrome Society was present to award Ms. Creamer the award in late June 2010. Special thanks went out to Mrs. G. Bolt and Mrs. L. Miletic who also work with Ms. Creamer's special needs student. Unfortunately, Mrs. Bolt was absent during the award ceremony.
adapted from The Canadian Down Syndrome Society Tuesday, 08 June 2010:

In the fall of 2009, Mr. Wiedener was nominated for an APEGGA Award by the Minister of Education and APEGGA's President.

Mr. Wiedener accepting the APEGGA teaching nomination from the Minister of Education, the Honourable Dave Hancock (left) and APEGGA's President (right)

Calgary Youth Science Fair
Check out the many accomplishments of (primarily) our grade 6 students at the Calgary Youth Science Fair!
They do a fantastic job representing our school at the city level. Well done Marion Carson students.

Prime Minister's Awards for Teaching Excellence (Government of Canada)
The Prime Minister's Awards for Teaching Excellence program is Canada's way of recognizing our best teachers, promote what they have achieved and share their innovative and successful teaching practices.
• In June 2008, Mrs. E. Shukin, grade 3 teacher at Marion Carson (2006-2008), accepts the Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence Certificate of Achievement, as presented by Member of Parliament (MP) Rob Anders. See the June 12, 2008 write up in the Calgary Herald.
           - nominate a teacher today!
           - nomimation deadline: usually due in early spring , however, please consult the website for full details
PM award with MP
Erin Shukin accepting the Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence Certificate of Achievement
Erin with award


Pennies for Peace:
Certificate of Appreciation

Marion Carson makes a difference in schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Every little effort does help. Thanks again for a job well done students! Mrs. Marion Carson would be proud of your thoughtful deeds. See full certificate here.

Royal Tyrrell Museum Poster Contest Winner for 2008

Marion Carson is proud to announce that a student from Marion Carson has won the Fall 2008 Royal Tyrrell Museum Poster Contest - dinosaurs in sport. Well done Conner A! With a grab bag of gooddies, and a cheque for $200, Conner put his art skills to work "cretaceously." We look forward to other great works of art in the future ... or is that in the past?


Trick or Treat for UNICEF:
Top 10 Improved Fundraising School in Alberta

Marion Carson makes a difference in schools in Africa! Every little effort does help. Thanks again for a job well done students! Mrs. Marion Carson would be proud of your thoughtful deeds.

Safety-Conscious Kids Reap Rewards In Poster Contest

A safety poster contest sponsored by Morgex Insurance in partnership with the Calgary Board of Education generated hundreds of entrants eager to win the grand prize of $1,000 for their school and $500 for the first place winning poster. This is the sixth year Morgex Insurance has sponsored this program for CBE Elementary students.

Children were asked to create a poster with a slogan relating to “Safety at Home and On the Road.” Posters were judged in two grade categories: Grades K – 3 and Grades 4 – 6. The children did some very creative work that reflected an understanding of the need to always be safety-conscious. The Calgary Board of Education and Morgex Insurance would like to thank all students and schools who participated in this contest. We are very proud of their efforts.

We are especially appreciative of the inspiration and dedication of teachers to get their students involved and to encourage their students to be creative and do their personal best.

Prizes were presented to each of the first place winning students and schools at special assemblies. Both student and school received a framed print of the first place poster along with the cash prize. The first place winner’s schools: Wildwood and Marion Carson each received $1,000 which will be used for learning resources that will directly benefit their students.

Each of the second place winning students will receive a prize of $250, and $100 prize will go to each of the third place winning students.

This year’s winner in the Grade K-3 category was Nicole S., Grade 3 – Marion Carson School
Feb 2007 article originally found on the CBE Educational Partnership website

Garfield Weston Awards for Excellence in Education
In conjunction with The Fraser Institute, November 13, 2007
Improvement in Academics – Elementary
Marion Carson Elementary:  a School of Distinction

Improvement in Academics Elementary:  this distinction recognizes school teams who have been most effective in improving the results of the students they teach.  It is these schools whose overall academic ratings have experienced the fastest, most consistent improvement over the last five years.  Teachers, administrators & support staff at Marion Carson Elementary School have made outstanding contributions to the education of the children they serve.  This outstanding contribution is evidenced by the remarkable achievement accomplishments of their students.  Results at 705 Alberta elementary schools were analyzed on two dimensions of academic performance, improvement in academics and academic achievement in excess of expectations.  Well done Marion Carson Staff!              

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
                                                                                                ~ Nelson Mandela

Mr. Wiedener and his wife accepting the award on behalf of Marion Carson Elementary School, November 13, 2007.

June 2007 Music Education Excellence Award 
-- The Kodály Society of Canada
Calgary, Alberta with music teacher Melanie Draper

            This award recognizes schools whose music program embodies the characteristics of a quality music program. These characteristics include: all students receive specialized instruction in music; music teachers have specialized expertise in music and education; the program incorporates quality traditional and composed music; students receive at least 60 minutes of quality music per instructional cycle.
            The principal of Marion Carson School, Victoria Barlow, is really proud of the music program in her school. The music teacher Melanie Draper is active with performing groups in the school, and within the Calgary Board of Education is the organizer of “Orff the Wall” a music presentation by all the CBE schools with Orff programs. Ms. Draper has a noon hour Orff program, a School Div. 2 Choir and produces musicals each year. Their school is fortunate to have either a Christmas concert of a Spring concert. Ms. Draper is also instrumental in lobbying for high quality instruments for the music program from the parent council. She provides music for many occasions including school assemblies, Grade 6 graduation, and organizes the entire school Remembrance Day program.


Kamala the elephant art work -- as seen in our library:

Marion Carson makes a difference to the elephant enclosure ... when construction of a new elephant enclosure at the Calgary Zoo was ongoing in 2005-2007, our students, constructed large murals to ordain the construction fencing surrounding the new facilities. These can be seen in the west entrance way to our school. In so doing, we won a contest and acquired a unique elephant painting, some say as valuable as up to $5000! Well done students! Kamala the elephant's paintings have travelled the world. Her works of art have been sent to Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles and even the Netherlands ... but you can see this one of a kind in our school library.

The Calgary Board of Trustees have acknowledged and recognized many accomplishments by teachers and students. Here are two such examples.

Mr. Draper, music specialist

Mr. Wiedener, "The Cottage," Grade 6

National Inclusive Education Award
Spring 2007
            Congratulations to Marion Carson Elementary School for winning The National Inclusive Education Award this spring, an award by the Canadian Association for Community Living that honours a school whose commitment to inclusive education is exemplary.
            The school was nominated for the award by one of its parents, Michelle McIntyre, whose nine-year-old son, Rowan, has Down syndrome and attends Grade 3 at Marion Carson Elementary School.  Michelle says that Rowan “has never learned more, or been happier”. 
            In March 16 Rowan flew from Calgary to the Alberta Association for Community Living’s annual Family Conference at the Fantasyland Hotel in Edmonton. In front of a large crowd, Rowan’s mom gave a speech about her family’s great appreciation for Marion Carson Elementary School’s principal, Vicki Barlow, and all the wonderful staff at this exceptional school.  Rowan then jumped up and happily presented the Inclusion award to his principal.  Mrs. Barlow accepted the award by delivering a warm and humorous speech about Rowan’s life at school. 
            Deb Lewis, the Calgary Board of Education’s Director of Student Services also attended the award ceremony and spoke about the CBE’s commitment to inclusion of all children within the public school system.
            Thanks to Deb, Vicki, and the staff and students at Marion Carson Elementary School, many parents of children with special needs undoubtedly gained new hope that their child might one day too feel the sense of belonging that Rowan has found at Marion Carson Elementary.
This story is an edited version of an article written by the McIntyre family and published in Marion Carson Elementary School’s newsletter.

cahperd daily PE CAHPERD Daily Physical Education Awards
(Canadian Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance)
Acknowledges the commitment of schools to providing quality daily physical education.
Currently, 2007/08, Marion Carson holds a Diamond Award Level

Early Childhood Education Council October 2007
- organized by present and former Marion Carson Elementary Staff members

Forzani’s Mother’s Day Walk/Run
- Marion Carson has won awards for the last several years as the largest group participant in this event

Canada’s Outstanding Principals
            Former principal at Marion Carson, Victoria Barlow (2002-2007), joined 30 other principals from across Canada recognizing them for their stellar work on behalf of public education students.
            Canada’s Outstanding Principals honours the contributions of public school principals who have made a measurable difference in the lives of students and their local communities while supporting young people in the pursuit of a quality education.

Marion Carson's Global Citizenship:
Marion Carson’s humanitarian deeds for the less fortunate gave our students pride in the charitable work that they carry on in her name.
For example, in 2004 and 2005 school projects included, but were not limited to:

Light Up the World
To end the darkness of an impoverished world, the children of our school helped to raise funds used to purchase a safer and more efficient light source. These LED bulbs light up their home in a safe and comfortable manner allowing them to live and learn in their communities.

Pennies for Paulatuk

A project where students collected money went toward purchasing books for the library in Angik School in Canada's far north.


James Short Book Drive
A project where students brought in gently used books to provide extra reading materials for their home libraries. This worthwhile project has benefited many children and will be carried on throughout the years.

Operation Christmas Child
This organization gave out students the opportunity to make up shoe boxes filled with toys, school supplies and simple hygiene items- all of them special gifts of love and hope for needy children around the world.

There are countless other humanitarian projects that our school participates, and has participated in, that reflect the sense of giving that is synonymous with Marion Carson’s name.


Tyrell-poster winner

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