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-- please take note of the below signage in our school parking lot for both you and your child's safety

May 10, 2011

Dear Parents,

We have been informed that the Calgary Police Service has received a number of complaints from area residents and users of the roadways around Marion Carson and neighbouring schools.  For that reason they have requested that we inform our school community that they will be around our school to educate and in some cases, ticket motorists and pedestrians who are breaking the law.

Police are especially looking to make the streets safe from those choosing to make illegal U-turns, parking in no stopping and bus zones, crossing with children in the middle of the block and speeding.  Please familiarize yourself with the signage out front of our school and obey the rules of the road for the safety of the children.

In addition we request that you make sure you are not using the parking lot for dropping off or picking up your child.  There are 2 signs at the entry of the parking lot that prohibit loading and unloading of children.  We have had many very close calls with children and adults almost being hit by vehicular traffic.  Please make sure you do not pick up or drop off your child in the parking lot and pass this information on to your child’s caregivers as well.

Thank you,
Mr. D. Watson




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